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Trash Talk Tuesday

Oh Trash Talk Tuesday... Enjoy!

Mission Impossible 4?!?
It's official. Maybe. I read today that they are making the 4th (and most likely last) installment of the Mission Impossible movie franchise. My thoughts were as follows: 1. Will Tom Cruise still be the main character? 2. Will Tom Cruise break a bone will or die while attempting stunts for this movie? (he's pretty old...)3. I thought the 3rd one was the last one... 4. In the 3rd MI movie, Tom Cruise's character actually DIES. He DIES and comes back to life. How can they possible top that in the 4th movie?!? 5. I am totally going to see this... haha

Mariah Carey Takes a Spill...
While performing onstage in Singapore, diva Mariah Carey fell down. Did she suffer from a heart attack? Was it a stroke? I'm glad you asked. And, despite being 40, Mariah was not suffering from a health issue. Instead she merely tripped over her ridiculous shoes. Oh shoes... Why do you cause such problems for people? I vote we all go shoeless and help Mariah feel less stupid.

Dawson Has a B-A-B-Y
This week was marked by a momentous occasion-- Dawson (yes, I know that's not his real name) had a baby girl with his wife... This is, in my eyes, the equivalent of "babies having babies" or "teenage pregnancy", because Dawson will forever be immortalized as a sad excuse for a teenager running around Capeside... Those were the days...

Gloria Estefan Risks Her LIFE!!!
*Gasp* The other day Gloria Estefan found herself locked inside her "luxury" suite at a football stadium. (Living the hard life, right there). Instead of waiting for the door to be fixed, Estefan pulled a highly dangerous stunt. She climbed out the window and into the window of the suite next to her... What was she thinking?!? She could have been killed!!! Crazy celebs and their antics... Someday somebody is going to get hurt! What would the world be like if all our celebs pulled stunts like this?!? (Oh, and I hope you caught some sarcasm, because I was laying it on pretty thick) Of... Feel free the watch the stunt yourself. It pretty much blew my mind...
That's all. There is no more. Until next week, that is. Hope you enjoyed!


  1. 1. Seriously? MI 4?? 3 impossible missions weren't enough for the people? Tom needs to kepp going. Look out, bad guys, this time Tom's got a cane to smack you with!! (Cause dude is old)
    2. Mariah Carey, it isn't enough that you married a 20 year old, or that your clothes rarely cover the parts of your body that no one should see, but now you have to wear crazy shoes that make you fall. Pretty soon, if she falls, she's gonna break a hip. (Cause chick be old)
    3. Yeah, it's a little weird to think about Dawson having a baby. That would be like Justin Beiber having a baby now. The theory of relativity is not lost on me. (I be old)
    4. How high was she? She's locked in a fancy suite at a football staduim!! There had to be plenty of booze, boys and food. What's her rush to get out of there? Honestly, she must be getting senile. (Everybody be OLD!)

  2. Oh MAN! I totally heard about MI 4 a few weeks ago and meant to tell you on our trip and forgot. Don't ask how I could forget something so life's cause I'm a dork. Oh, and it's gonna be AWESOME! Maybe!


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