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Trash Talk Tuesday

Oh snapadoo! It's Tuesday... I think you know what that means...

Phelps No Longer Rules the Pools...?
I must say I was a little saddened to hear that the reign of Michael Phelps (Olympic swimming champ extraordinaire) might be over... According the Phelps' swimming coach, Phelps hasn't been winning very often and seems rather unmotivated. On one hand, I'm sad inside. The summer Olympics were so exciting-- all because of his swimming ability! But on the other hand, I can kind of understand... Where could Phelps possibly go from there?

Gilmores to the Big Screen...?
The rumor is this: The show creator is hinting at the possiblity of a movie based on the famous TV show... Not gonna lie-- I'd probably buy a ticket to see it. Especially if it invovled Rory falling in love with Jess all over again (Jess was obviously the best, and only, choice for her). And if I've lost you because you never watched this show-- I apologize. Go see the movie... If it happens...

Nice 'Stache...?Apparently if you are as famous (and as crazy) as Mel Gibson-- you need an ultra cool and unique disguise just to step out the door... I'm a little creeped out. Not gonna lie.

Lady Gaga Angers Animal ActivistLady Gaga is always causing a stir everywhere she goes. How does she do it? Somehow this woman picks out the strangest dresses and outfits... In her newest crazy scheme Gaga wore a dress (with matching hat and shoes) to the VMA's made totally out of REAL MEAT. I'm not against eating meat. In fact, I love nothing more than a juicy steak or cheeseburger. But to wear it as clothing?!? Wow... Words have abandoned me.

Cher Goes Extreme
Apparently the VMA's happened this week. For those of you who don't keep up with the "popular" music trends these days-- I'm sure you could care less. VMA = Video Music Awards. La-dee-dah. So anyway-- Cher showed up... In the outfit seen above... The kicker? Not only is she too old to be wearing something like this-- it is the same outfit she wore 20 years ago. Looks like someone needs to get a move on. And spare us! PLEASE!

Well, there you have it-- some more trashiness to get you through until next week. I hope this sufficed. If not, do some research yourself and write your own blog... OR encourage the celebrities to get out there and do CRAZY things. Enough said.

1 comment

  1. Oh man... What will we do when the next summer Olympics rolls around and there is no Michael Phelps?? Cry a little, be sad some, and then root for the other American guy? Yeah, that sounds good.
    I would SO go see the GIlmore Girls movie!! And Stephen would fall asleep while I yell at Rory for trying to get with Logan again before realizing that she loves Jess, which will happen at the exact moment that Lorelai and Luke say I do. I smell a hit.
    Oh Mel Gibson.. You sly man. We almost didn't know it was you! Oh wait, except we did.
    Gross, Lady Gaga. That is seriously one of the yuckiest things I have ever heard. Who wants to wear meat as clothing? Was it raw meat? If it was cooked, does that really make it any better? The only way for this story to have a happy ending is if a wild animal came and attacked Lady Gaga. Win win win.
    "Cher is still alive?? She's so old." These were the words out of Stephen's mouth when he saw this. This was his first question. My first question: "What in the world did Cher think when she looked in the mirror? 'I'm almost 70, tight black skank outfit I wore 20 years ago when I still wasn't that attractive? Good idea!'" And also, that HAS to be a wig. I refuse to believe that is her real hair.


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