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Lessons From Vacation

Vacation can be a fantastic thing-- but why is it that people usually come home more exhausted than when they left? Probably because vacation can be a time of turmoil, anger, extreme heat (if taken in the summertime), and overcrowding.

I don't know about you-- but I am definitely not a fan of the following:
1. Heat
2. Humidity
3. Crowds
4. Lines
5. Paying high prices to see a decent landmark or monument

So this last week my parents took me on vacation with them. I am unemployed, it is summertime, therefore I decided to tag along. Our plans? Hit up Washington D.C. for a few days, then drive up to Boston for a few more. A good plan, if I say so myself.

I had a good time-- and I absolutely loved Boston (highly recommended if you're searching for a vacation spot). But while on vacation I learned some valuable life lessons. And if you know me at all, then you know I am all about the life lessons. So I am going to share my wisdom with you-- may you learn from my mistakes, frustrations, and complications.

1. Always book a hotel ahead of time, otherwise you'll end up in a smoking room sharing a king bed with your parents.
2. Always allow for ample driving time-- because you will hit traffic jams near every major city.
3. Road construction is everywhere. No matter the state. You can never escape it.
4. Always make sure to apply ample deodorant, especially if you'll be walking all day.
5. Wear comfy shoes or else be prepared to invest in band-aids.
6. Don't bother voicing your opinion, chances are your father will ignore it.
7. If driving to your destination, make sure you have a good spare tire. Because you will get a flat. 20 miles from your destination.
8. Make sure the exhibit you visit is worth the money you are paying. Research ahead of time!
9. Finding public parking will always give you a headache. And rob you blind. If at all possible, ride the metro/subway/bus system.
10. The GPS doesn't know everything.

And there you have it-- Learn from my experiences! And please enjoy your next vacation!

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  1. Oh Anna. I love you. I love your life lessons. You made me laugh out loud at least 3 times. And lots more times in my head. If I ever get to go on vacation with Stephen (somewhere other than to my house with my parents and sisters and now that Stephen and I are married) then I will write you a compare and contrast essay; Married without children vacay vs. Child with parents vacay. I have lots of child with parent vacay stories to share!


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