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Trash Talk Tuesday

Not gonna lie, I feel like Lazarus returning from the grave. Except for that whole "being dead" thing. Yeah, probably not a good comparison. Well, TTT fans (and by this I mean Heather and Stephen), I have done some research-- found some dirt-- and am ready to spill.

Is it just me-- or does it feel like the Trash Talk always revolves around the same people? Sheesh, will these people ever learn? Let's hope not- or we'd have nothing to discuss... And- here we go!

Steven Tyler… Really?
It’s a horrible job, but I guess someone has to do it. Rumor has it (or it may be beyond rumor) that Steven Tyler of the band Aerosmith is going to be a judge on the next season of American Idol. Really Fox? Really? Why can’t you stop the torture and just end the show?!? I want to hit my head against a wall… Another rumor? Mariah Carrey may also be a judge. Really Fox? Really? Someone please shoot me now.

Screaming Match
Apparently actress Hayden Panettiere has age issues… A few nights ago Hayden was refused entry into a club because she hadn’t yet turned 21. Sources say she screamed at the doorman. Wow. Way to show them you are mature enough to get into the club. Sounds like she just needed to go home and be put to bed for the night… Sheesh. What is with celebrities who think they deserve every right just because they are famous? Dorfs.

So much Change… Can’t Cope…
Actress Hilary Duff just got married to an NHL player… But the real news story? The change in her hair color. What on Earth will we do? If Hilary Duff isn’t blonde then the world may be about to end… Why Hilary? WHY?!? (*Please take note of the sarcasm in these statements*)

I’m Full of GLEE!!!
In case you didn’t know, I am huge fan of Fox’s new show “Glee”. I watched every episode of the first season, and I plan to continue watching it in the future. I found out some interesting tidbits about the new season… So if you’re interested read these (but don’t if you think it’ll ruin things):
Tina and Artie will break up (she’s got her eyes set on someone new)
o A few new characters will be added (Like Rachel’s dads, older siblings, etc.)
o There is most likely going to be a Brittney Spears episode (will she appear?!?)
o Kurt will finally get a boyfriend (see photo of possible love interest)

Close, but Not Close Enough.
This week a man armed with two (count ‘em—two) kitchen knives tried to break into Paris Hilton’s home while she was sleeping. Too bad for him she is rich enough to afford protection. The man was arrested by local police and Paris remained unharmed. Hm. You can’t always get what you want… Was that harsh? My bad. I don’t call it trash talk for nothing…

And there you have it. If you didn't like it-- you write it next time. Enough said. I think.

1 comment

  1. Oh Stephen Tyler... That sexy high falsetto may have made you rockin' in the 80's but now? It's over. And please? Mariah Carey? They only want her for the boobs...
    Hayden blah blah looks 12 years old. I'd card her in a coffee shop.
    I think the real issue with Hillary Duff is her creepy lips. She get hit in the face with a hockey puck or something? Or is that really the way her face looks?
    I <3 Glee. I can't wait for the next season. I am hopeful of 2 things: a second NPH apperance and a Kristin Chenoweth/Idina Menzel joint episode. My first hope is more realistic... Oh well. I am very intrigued, but part of me wishes that in that episode where Rachel lost her voice, she lost her voice for good. She is super annoying!
    Really Paris Hilton? Why are you even news? WHY?!?!?! Shouldn't this story be in the disappointment column? Would anyone miss her??


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