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Trash Talk Tuesday

After a brief respite from last week's edition of TTT (and slight mental meltdown from yours truly)-- I am back in full force! Not a lot going on this week in gossip-- but still enough to make me go, "What on Earth...?" and "I can't believe that" and "Really???"

Enjoy! (And Heather, as always this posting goes out to you!)

I like to call this segment: Did you look in the mirror this morning? (The answer seems to be always be, "Um. No. Why?")

Don't blink-- or you might miss out on the fact that this is not a picture of Billy Ray Cyrus from the 1980's. Oh no, this is Billy Ray 2010. Mullet and all. Has he looked in the mirror in the last couple of months?!?

Oh my. I don't know what Jessica Simpson was thinking... Do you think she looked in the mirror that morning? I'm going to go with a resound, "No." Yikes!

Always save the best for last, that's my motto. I'm not big on fashion and knowing what's "hip" these days... But it seems to me that wearing pajamas on stage is never a good idea. Especially if you have to maintain that rapper mentality. How does Snoop Dog do it? I have no idea, but the one thing I do know-- he probably didn't look in the mirror before he went onstage. Poor guy. Somebody buy him a mirror! Please!

Mel Gibson is… gone? Not gone? What?!?
It’s been a long and difficult road for actor Mel Gibson. Apparently the latest controversy involving this movie star is that he is caught on tape threatening his girlfriend. So the news is that he is planning to move back to Australia (where he grew up). Is it true? Nobody knows for sure—but the general consensus is that this rumor is false.

Celebrities Eat Real Food?!?

Apparently celebrities like to eat real food. This week Jessica Biel admitted to loving chips, burgers, and fries. What is the world coming too?!? If celebrities can’t stay on their diets how can the rest of us expect to do the same?!? I just can’t cope…

Pink Bites the Dust
Doing onstage stunts during a live concert can always be scary—especially when you aren’t strapped in correctly! During a live concert in Germany last Thursday, singer Pink fell out of her harness and landed on a barricade. The singer was immediately transported to the hospital. Rumor has it nothing was broken. Except for those fans’ hearts who had waited FOREVER to see Pink live… I wonder how many people were actually there? Hmmm…

Are we honestly surprised by anything Paris Hilton does anymore? I’m afraid not. So why is it in the news that she got busted with a little pot in her purse in an airport? Heck, she probably put it in her purse just to make the headlines again. I vote for her to go away. And not come back. The End.

If you've made it to the end I offer you a congratulatory pat on the back! But you'll have to do it for yourself b/c I'm not around to do it for you. Hope you enjoyed reading!

1 comment

  1. I'm so glad that TTT is back! How I missed you and it and the commentating I get to partake in!
    1. LOVE 'Did you look in the mirror?' segment!!! Love love love. I'd be willing to bet that it's been YEARS since Billy Ray either a) looked in a mirror, or b) had anyone honest near him to tell him how awful he looks.
    Poor Jessica Simpson... It looks like she hit her head and thinks she is in a a place with no mirrors...
    Oh Snoop Dog, by now you are so rich that you can walk outside and do a concert in your pajama onesie and no one says boo at you. And some idiot children will run out to get their own Snoop Dog pajama onesie.

    I am so over Mel Gibson. I'm bored with him. And so should the media be... It seems like there is always something going on with him... and lately it's not good. Maybe he's safer in Austrailia...

    If Jessica Biel eats real food, then there is no hope for me. Unless I develop an eating disorder or hire a personal trainer...

    Pink- it was only a matter of time! I mean, is she an acrobat or a singer? Obviously she can't be both.

    I agree with your assessment. Paris Hilton has been out of the limelight recently, so she put the pot in her purse on purpose, hoping to be caught. She'll get a little slap on the wrist or sleep with the police guys and then fade away again...

    Anna, Anna, Anna. Classic stuff!


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