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Strange Injury

This morning I eased myself out of bed and onto the extremely hard surface of my computer chair. "Why?" you may be asking.

Because yesterday I think I broke my tailbone. At least, that's what it felt like at the time.

Now, I am not the most graceful person. I tend to hurt myself. A lot. For example:
1. I once fell of the monkey bars at school onto my back. I knocked the air out of myself and was unable to bend over for about a week.
2. I once rode my bike directly into a building.
3. I always seem to trip up the stairs.
4. At work a few weeks ago I slipped on a wet floor and fell down in front of everyone and banged up my knee. (more embarrassing than hurtful)

Well, this latest injury is also my fault. Although I think I'm going to blame it on something else. So last night I decided I wanted to go rollerskating. A trend of the 1990's if I ever saw it. This particular roller rink was painted with neon designs and lit with disco balls and black light. The DJ insisted on playing mostly inappropriate music for the majority of the people there (7-12 year olds). I wanted to give that person a stern talking-to, but that's another story. The rink wasn't very crowded for it being a Saturday night. I'm pretty sure skating has long gone out of style and only children born in the 1980's really appreciate the art form.

So anyway, I'm rollerblading along (not skating-- rollerblading-- oh yeah) and there seemed to be a multitude of people (kids and adults) falling down. A lot. I felt a little bad, but I usually ended up giggling to myself. Like a big jerk.

I guess you could say I got my comeuppance.

While taking a lap around the rink I noticed some things happening in front of me. There were 2 people who both looked like they were about to fall. I was planning to get out of the way, but the best course seemed to be skating between these 2 people. So I sped up a little and went for it. And don't worry, I didn't even touch those 2 people. Instead, I lost my balance (completely on my own-- I'm blaming my left rollerblade--the wheels were a little sticky) and fell down. Right on my tailbone. There was nothing between my tailbone and the floor.

The first thing, and only thing, I noticed was intense pain. I don't know if you've ever broken or bruised your tailbone-- but it is not fun. So I sat on the floor, unable to get up. One "helpful" worker came to see if I was ok-- and feeling like a complete idiot I told him I was fine when truthfully I was dying from pain. So I crawled (literally) to the side of the rink and stood up. I skated off the floor and (very carefully) sat down to let some of the pain subside.

It's much better today. And now I know why skating seems to have gone out of style.

And, just for the record, 2 Aleve and sleeping on your stomach works wonders for this problem.

So, to all my readers, please be careful next time you go skating. It's a dangerous sport. A very dangerous sport.


  1. Well, your first mistake was going skating by yourself. You should always take along someone to use as a falling-down-preventer. Although, I have injured myself as much as you. For instance, just this week I stress fractured my toe. Yes, the very same toe I broke junior year of college. So we are peas in a pod Anna. You and me, we are peas...

  2. i agree about the falling down preventer person. this just seems smart with almost anything even remotely dangerous.

    although who am i to talk....prague, by myself. maybe i need a falling down preventer as well. or just an all around body guard. or a husband?

    talk about food for thought...

  3. Um. I did have a falling down preventer person. But he was smart and went around the other people. I was stupid and did not.

  4. I've been there, except I bruised mine when I slipped on the stairs while carrying Isaiah. I literally couldn't sit for like a week. And it hurt for like 6 weeks. Not fun! Sorry, that wasn't encouraging, but it does get better eventually! :)


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