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One of Those Days...

Did you ever have one of those days that you wish you could start all over again?

Today is one of those days.

Actually, now that I think about it, I think I'm having one of those lifetimes.

But let's not dwell too much on the big picture-- I don't want to blow your mind. Or depress you. Which I'm sure I'm already doing. Feel free to stop reading now if you are looking for an uplifting message.

Ok. Back on track. Today I was awakened by the sensasation of a slightly overweight black dog sitting on top of me and licking my face. I suppose it wasn't a horrible way to start the day, but it certainly wasn't the way I had planned. So I rolled out of bed only to remember that today is Tuesday. Meaning it was time for my traditional Trash Talk blog. But then I realized I hadn't done any research, and frankly I didn't feel like it. So I am officially a slacker on that end.

I got on Facebook to see what was going on with the world-- only to discover yet another one of my college friends had gotten a teaching job. And I am 98% certain that I am a huge failure in this area of life. And I'm certainly tired of everyone telling me, "You'll find the perfect job. It's out there." or "Everything will work out for the best in the end." People don't have to tell me these things-- I've heard it all before. And won't they all feel like big jerks when I can't find a teaching job?

So after my bout of depression about lack of job offers and interviews, I decided it was time for breakfast. A delicious toaster struddel! Imagine my surprise (and pain) when the struddel popped out of the toaster and burned my thumb! How does that even happen? And it wasn't a little burn-- it was a full-out throbbing of pain. Great. Many thanks goes out to breakfast for adding to the general merriment of the day!

And now I get to head off to my summer job in which I take customer's orders, wear a uniform, make fries, and get paid as much money as an illegal immigrant! Oh boy!

Thus, I have decided that today is one of those days. Those days where you only want to crawl back under the covers and sleep, but you really have no choice but to press on. Here's hoping things look up in the future... I wonder if this is something 2 cups of coffee can fix? Hm...


  1. I guess the best thing that has happened for you is the black fuzzy lick!!! I hope that you apply and sub in our district and others...we have an opening for a first grade teacher at Belle..not sure if it will be in house or not but a call would not hurt. Lookng for you and thinking of you!!


  2. Oh Anna, I know the feeling. Hopefully, today will end and tomorrow will be brighter. On the plus side, in one week we'll have our phone date! That is a bright spot in my life anyway. Loves you!

  3. i know the feeling as well. but another thing i know is that God is sovereign and that when it doesnt feel true, Romans 8:28 is. and also that God is the 11:59 God....he always works in His own timetable even though it may feel like He is late and isnt there, working and moving, He is. He is God, doing His God things. and it may be a dark time in your life, but the dark is just a shadow, because you live in the shadow of the Almighty. rest lovey. God will provide.
    He always does.
    loves loves and more loves and prayers.


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