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Trash Talk Tuesday

It's here... A little late-- but I still made it before Wednesday rolled around. Here is all the trashiness I cared to uncover this week:

Scary Beyonce
Um… I think in this case a picture is worth a thousand words. So I won’t bother.

Scary Adam Lambert
What is this?!? A Prince comeback? Scary! Once again… I have no words b/c the picture says it all…

The Bachelor is… A Bachelor!
Last season’s Bachelor, Jake Pavelka, is once again a single man. Last season Jake shocked (or so I hear) fans by choosing the “wrong” woman at the end of the season. And a few days ago, while off filming something, Jake (who claims to have trust issues) called up his fiancé (Vienna) and broke up with her over the phone. Lame. But then again, did we really expect a match made on TV to last? I think not.

Tom Cruise Loses to Toys
Tom Cruise used to be one of the biggest action stars to hit the screen. You knew if he had a movie coming out the theatre was going to be packed. And then he went and ruined it all by jumping on a couch. And going crazy Scientology style on TV. Thus, his new movie with Cameron Diaz is flopping at the box office. Big time. This makes me want to see it and find out how bad it really is—I’ll let you know.

Steve Carell Calling it Quits
Sadly this next season will be the last season for Steve on NBC’s “The Office”. However, I guess I’m not too sad because I feel as though the show has gone the distance. It made me laugh. It made me happy. And I’d hate for it to go on too long that I begin to despise it. Perhaps Steve Carelll leaving is good news and the writers will take a hint as well…?

Hope you enjoyed this week's version of TTT!

1 comment

  1. I'm pretty sure Beyonce still looks better than the chick that the bachelor dumped, so what does that tell you? Still, I totally agree.. Scary.
    The only way that Adam Lambert could scare me more is if he took off all his makeup and wore normal clothes. That would terrify me.
    Of course the bachelor and his lady split. Do those things ever work? No. That is the answer. Which makes me wonder what kind of people continue to watch this show? Put it to sleep people!
    Tom and Cameron can't compete with Woody and Buzz. Just from perviews it looks terrible. I probably won't be seeing it, unless you tell me that it is a masterpiece of awful.
    We knew it was coming: Steve had to leave. And The Office needs to end with him. It can't go on without him. And if they try, I may boycott.
    Loving you and TTT!


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