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Trash Talk Tuesday

It's Tuesday! And despite the fact that it is only 7:20 am-- and I totally woke up too early without meaning to-- I am still going to get this trash talk posted. This week I had lots of stories to choose from, like Michael Jackson's doctor still getting to practice medicine, Gary Coleman supposedly not wanting the plug to be pulled if he was in a coma, etc... But for some reason (or maybe intentionally) I have bypassed all the serious issues and gone straight for the things that made me laugh.


John Stamos Joins InIt’s a fact; Uncle Jessie will be appearing in the next season of Glee. He might not have a huge role, but he will still be in a few episodes. He will be playing the dentist that Emma (the guidance counselor) is dating. I guess that makes him an antagonist to Mr. Shu. I look forward to this—and the reminiscing I can have about Full House episodes.

Michael Jordan’s “Stache”Apparently in the latest Hanes commercial Michael Jordan (basketball player extraordinaire) is sporting a new look—a half finished mustache. People are saying it’s sad. I think it’s kind of funny. You decide for yourself!

Breaking Dawn Breaks In HalfThe final book of the Twilight saga will now be made into 2 movies (instead of one). They are also doing this for Harry Potter. Do the makers of these movies realize how ridiculous that is? I want to go to one movie—and see it all. Not see half, wait awhile, and then pay even more money to finish the story. To this idea I say, “BOOOOOOO!”

Kim Kardashian + Justin Bieber...?I guess Kim and Justin spent the weekend together at the beach. Holding hands. Taking pictures. A little odd? Very. I just get a little creeped out when I realize he’s only 16—and she’s almost 30. Can’t she at least wait until he is of age? I guess not… *shudders*

And along those same lines—

Reese Witherspoon + Robert Pattinson…?
I seriously can’t handle all these celebrity romances that seem to be blossoming… Most of them just seem so… ODD. Word on the street is that these 2 are spending a lot of time together and getting pretty close. They are filming a movie together—so I’ll give them that. And at least Robert is 24—not 16 like Justin Bieber. But still… Weird!

And there you have it-- did I mention you are free to mention any celebrity news you found interesting this week? It will never fail to entertain me. Never.


  1. OMG! I am using Firefox on Stephen's Mac and it works! I can comment! So here goes:

    I am super excited for Uncle Jesse now!! He seems like a dentist that Emma would date. And he does sing, so maybe he and Mr. Schuester will have a sing-off!!! How hilarious would that be? But he will never take NPH's place in my heart.

    I am not going to lie, MJ looks like a creeper. Big time. And that's all I'm gonna say.

    I hated the first Twilight movie, never saw the second, and most likely won't see the 3rd. So I can't comment on this breaking of Breaking Dawn...

    Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber = GROSS!!! She is old and he is a baby. That is just wrong. And also, a felony.

    I'm a little amused by Reese Witherspoon and R. Patt though. It's widely known that Reese likes the younger men, but this will be a heartbreak to those tweenies who believe that the real life Edward and Bella are meant to be together. Sad day.


  2. I predict that Mr. Schu will find Uncle Jessie attractive, and the season will focus on Mr. Schu coming out of the closet and pursuing Uncle Jessie. He'll be able to relate to Kurt on a new level, the other kids will be divided about what they think of him, and Sue will have many more opportunities for those one-liners you wrote about. And Emma will mope around like she normally does.

  3. people are weird.
    and although stephens prediction was good for a chuckle, i hope he is wrong.

    and what movie are rob and reese making? [i just wanted to call them rob and reese...ha!]


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