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Trash Talk Tuesday

I personally find it hard to believe it is Tuesday. Again. They just keep coming faster and faster! And my celebrity dirt digging skills are getting a little exhausted-- but not enough to keep me from searching! So for your enjoyment (or perhaps more for mine), here is your healthy weekly dose of trash talk...

Rush Limbaugh Gets Hitched (Again)Word on the street is the Rush Limbaugh got married. For the 4th time. My question is—who would marry Rush Limbaugh? Wow. And then I think—sure, Rush can get married 4 times and I can’t even find husband #1. Maybe I should become a loudmouthed radio talk show person and then I’d find Mr. Right… Oh, and for the record—Rush is 59 and his fiancée is 33! That's like me marrying someone who will be born in 4 years. Creepy...

Madonna Goes PlasticIt is rumored that as a birthday gift to herself, Madonna is going to get plastic surgery… A LOT of plastic surgery. Whatever happened to aging gracefully? I thought laugh lines, wrinkles, thinning hair, graying hair, etc were all part of life’s natural processes… Excuse me for being old fashioned.

The Goonies Reunite!The movie was made in 1985—and has become quite a cult classic—so to celebrate it’s 25th anniversary cast members and fans gathered in Oregon (where the movie was shot). Fans got to see cut pieces of film and hear the actors take on the film. Sounds like a good time—wish I could have been there!

Rhianna’s HairRhianna is always doing something crazy with her hair—and for some reason everyone loves it. Well I don’t. In fact, I always think it looks kind of gross. Here is her newest “do”. Ew.

And there you have it, my friends. All the news I cared to report. I'll try to have a movie review for next week. Maybe we'll go with something on DVD if I can't make it to a theatre.


  1. Heather's older sister went to Oregon this weekend for the Goonies celebration. I never really liked the movie. I thought it was 80s-dumb and dull.

  2. Not only did Rush Limbaugh get married again, but he had Elton John sing at his wedding! Strange, huh? Mr. ultra conservative loud mouth had a proud-to-be gay person sing and the going price was $1 million dollars.


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