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Things That Make Me Laugh...

You try and tell people, "Hey. That Justin Bieber guy is totally a girl." But do they listen...? No.

Proof that there are others out there who feel the same as me... This made me giggle.

If you couldn't read the article (sorry it's blurry) it basically claims that Justin Bieber has a doppleganger-- who is a 27 year old woman. Same size, same haircut, etc. I feel a little bad for the lady. After all, maybe she styled her hair that way first-- Justin Bieber saw her-- and followed by example?

And if I were her I'd give out autographs for money. That's right-- why not make a little extra on the side because a teenage popstar looks like you? Which is my last point-- she does not look like a man. A boy popstar looks like a woman. The end.

Go ahead and scream your hearts out girls... I'll set my sights on a real man.


  1. If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times: JUSTIN BIEBER LOOKS LIKE A LITTLE GIRL! And kind of sings like one too. Now, if I had the choice between being a 27 year old woman and looking like I was still a teenager or being a 16 year old boy and looking like a 7 year old girl, I'm going for the woman looking younger. What woman wouldn't! But what dude wants to look like his own little sister? I can't think of any. And it's not like he is unaware that he looks like a little girl. I mean, he has to know. So change your look Justin Bieber! Macking on a Kardashian just makes you look trashy, not more like a man.

    Also, I think I may have to add a bucket list hope to find my own doppleganger!

  2. Excellent last line, Anna. Just excellent.


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