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Lessons Learned...

I don't much understand people in today's world.
It's like nobody uses their brains anymore.
Nobody has a filter on what comes out their mouths.
Everybody wants something-- and they want it their way.
Everybody can find fault in anything and everything.

I learn a lot of lessons because I work with people.
I learn a lot of lessons because I work hard at serving customers.
I learn a lot of lessons whether or not I want to learn them.

Lessons learned in the past month:
1. If the trashcan is overflowing you should go ahead and pile your garbage on top. It won't matter. Who cares if someone else has to come along and manhandle it?
2. If your order is incorrect: roll your eyes, act very angry, grab the bag, and drive away like you're never coming back (and perhaps you never do).
3. The words "Iced tea", "High-C", and "Ice Cream" all tend to sound alike when spoken through a speaker. Thus: Enunciation is vital.
4. The moment you need something-- you will run out of it. (Murphy's Law!)
5. Talking about coworkers is only acceptable once their back is turned.
6. Curse words can flow from any mouth at the drop of a hat. And it's hard to stem the tide.
7. French fries have the ability to burn you. Literally.
8. A whisper is often the appropriate way to voice your food order.
9. It's ok to be creepy toward the food workers (aka: winking, using nicknames like sweetheart, asking for phone numbers, etc.)
10. It's important to not know what is going on behind the counter at a fast food restaurant (especially if you want to keep eating there and enjoy it!)
11. Tucking in your shirt while wearing a belt is an awesome fashion statement!
12. It is possible to sweat while standing still. Especially if you are standing in front of vats of grease.

These are just a few of the things I've learned during the month I've been working.
But I guess money is money.
And I like having money.
Simple enough.
For now...

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