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Unpleasant Things

For today's blog I have decided to compile a list of unpleasant things... You might not agree with all of them-- so feel free to add to the list or share your opinion.

But, seriously, why do unpleasant things have to happen? I wish all life was a walk on the beach. A piece of cake. A breeze. A jolly holiday. (Alright, I'll stop).

And then again, maybe it's the unpleasant things in life that turn us into the people we are...? Or perhaps the unpleasant things are what make life interesting...?


Unpleasant Things That Have Recently Happened to Me:
1. Having to stand on my feet for 8 hours during a work shift.
2. Shopping for a new bathing suit when I'm not a size 2.
3. Having to tuck my uniform shirt into my pants (Nobody looks good that way).
4. Burning my tongue on something really hot.
5. Getting a zit on my face before an important event.
6. Sweating.
7. Having too much humidity in the air.
8. Being all alone on my day off from work.
9. Finding out that the book I want to buy only comes in hardback ($$$).
10. Realizing I don't have any friends to hang out with. Ever.
11. Eating too many brownies in one sitting.
12. Being attacked by a vicious butterfly.
13. Not being able to find a job I actually want.
14. Having to watch Tom Cruise run around with long hair in Mission Impossible 2 (ew!)
15. Being forced to wear tennis shoes every day (also for my job).

I'm sure this list could go on, but I'm also sure that I don't want to bore you. I guess these things aren't that bad-- I mean, it's not like my hair caught on fire, my car was stolen, and I got mugged. Life could be worse. I'll keep that in mind...


  1. oh, i totally agree about those agressive little butterflies. they are a menace to society, and I am totally not kidding here.


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