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Trash Talk Tuesday

Well-- it's Tuesday! That means it's time for a little trash talk... Enjoy!
Welcome to another edition of Trash Talk Tuesday! I have been scouring the headlines over the last week-- looking for articles of interest. So here's some news for you-- Enjoy!

Venus Williams = Scandalous?
At the French Open this week Venus was snapped wearing a tennis outfit she designed herself. The only strange thing was that the outfit was considered to be a bit "scandalous" for the tennis world. I, personally, think it could have been much worse. Oh well...

American Idol
The finale of AI is this week (finally!), and it will officially be Simon Cowell's last episode. He is leaving the show after countless seasons (I'm not even going to bother counting them). In an interview with Oprah, Simon admitted to being bored while making this newest season. And I have to agree with him-- there are only so many times you can sit and watch until you start to feel a little deja vu. Nothing can surprise us anymore. We've seen all that we can see.

Do I think Simon's leaving will hurt the show's future ratings? Absolutely! I think he is one of the main reasons people watch the show (at least, he was my reason-- we were always on the same page!). So here's to hoping the producers of AI will take note of Mr. Cowell's abandoning this sinking ship-- I think she's sailed as far as she can go-- it's time to stop!

London Reveals the 2012 Olympic Mascots
First of all, am I the only person in the world who didn't realize every Olympic game has some kind of "mascot" marketed toward children? I was completely unaware of this--even when I was a child. How odd... Secondly, these mascots are a little creepy. I'm always creeped out by any adult running around in a puffy suit-- and these guys don't help the matter. Couldn't they have made something to uniquely represent London? I guess not.

Justin Beiber + BET Award
This little guy was nominated for a BET music award. How? I have no idea. First of all, not only is he not black-- he's CANADIAN! It doesn't get any whiter than that. And, for heaven's sake, he sounds like a 12 year old girl when he sings...

Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas... Split?
My first thought-- who is Demi Lovato? And my second thought-- what? I didn't even know they were dating-- and now these youngsters (I feel like a granny saying that) are in the news for breaking up?!? They are only 17 and 20 years old-- they have their whole lives ahead of them! It's not the end of the world. And, frankly, I don't think the world really cares (except for maybe those teenyboppers).

Movie Review: Robin Hood
Last weekend I went to see Robin Hood (Starring Russell Crowe). I was pleasantly surprised! Instead of being the typical story where Robin Hood steals from the rich to give to the poor-- the movie focuses on what made the legend a legend. It was more of a "backstory" than anything. I thought it was a a nice change from the other versions-- and I quite enjoyed it. And if you read Trash Talk last week you know Russell Crowe got angry for being asked about using an "Irish" accent during the movie (which he denied)... However, I gotta say-- he did sound Irish! Poor guy... But I thought it was a good movie-- thumbs up-- go see it if you like action flicks.

And there you have it. Your dish on what's hot (and perhaps what's not).

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