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Trash Talk Tuesday

Today's post starts off with my day thus far... Thus far, trash talk is the best part of my day. I woke up to discover my car wouldn't start... And then I clamped my finger in my straightener. So here's to hoping this trash talk brightens up both your day and mine!

And we're off!

Patrick Dempsey + Transformers 3 = Major Disaster
It is rumored (and pretty much confirmed) that Patrick Dempsey will be playing a role in the upcoming Transformers 3 movie. As much as I love Mr. Dempsey (and Shia LaBeouf, for that matter), I will not be seeing this third installment in the transformers franchise. The 2nd one was bad enough-- stop torturing us already!

Men in Black 3
Apparently the Men in Black are making a return to the big screen... In 3D. If you saw the 2nd film (if not, don't worry) then you know there aren't high hopes for this new one. Will Smith, why do you torment us with idiotic films (AKA: Hancock)?!? You are better than that....

Jessica Simpson's Teeth
Jessica Simpson recently appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show... So what's the big deal? Apparently she admitted to only brushing her teeth 3x a week. 3X A WEEK!!! I am a little disgusted and hope all her teeth fall out. Shame on her...

Jake Gyllenhaal Is Scared of Ostriches
Ok. So this one isn't really scandalous-- but it made me laugh. Apparently Jake G. (as I affectionately like to call him) told People magazine that in filming his new movie, Prince of Persia, he developed a fear of ostriches. And I quote, "They look like they're innocent, but they're really not." True story.

Giant Bowl of Hummus
A world record was set the other day when Labanese chefs concocted 12 tons of hummus. GROSS. If you have never tried hummus-- please keep on living in ignorance. (I know it's not celebrity gossip, but I was really grossed out)

Iron Man 2: Movie Review
Don't worry-- I am not going to give anything away. Last weekend my brother took me to see Iron Man 2 (thanks for buying my ticket, Aaron). Anyway-- it was pretty early in the morning, so I wasn't sure I was awake enough to appreciate the film. However, I ended up really enjoying it. It had a decent plot (unlike other 2nd movies *cough*Transformers2*cough*). The plot was easy to follow, and there weren't a million bad guys running rampant (which I hate). Robert Downey Jr. does a great job portraying his character. There was a lot of action from start to finish-- which I love. So if you are not a fan of action films (or the first film) don't bother watching. However, I think if you liked the first film you will like this one.
This has been your weekly dose of trash talk Tuesday. I hope you enjoyed reading. And watch out for that hummus!!!

1 comment

  1. Ok, I know I'm late, but here goes:
    1. Patrick. Just stop. There is NO WAY you need to be in Transformers 3. They are just putting you in there to add some more hottness so people will go see it. It will still be a bad movie. And you don't need to be in bad movies. You're still riding high, McDreamy.
    2. As if the 2nd MIB wasn't bad enough, let's bring them back and do a 3rd. NO! I'm all for bad Disney sequels (they are hilarious and top-quality), but other sequels just need to stop. Unless you meant to make several when you start, they turn out ROUGH!
    3. JESSICA SIMPSON! Would you kiss your mother with that mouth? Probably, because apparently she did NOT teach you proper oral hygiene! Gross.
    4. Ostriches are mean! I back you up Jake G. Also, you were in Brokeback Mountain. Just saying.
    5. 12 tons? Really? Is that necessary? Who is going to eat all that hummus? That is too much. Really? Really chef man? REALLY???
    6. I REALLY WANT TO SEE IRON MAN 2!!! I'm super excited.
    Love it! TTT is one of my fav days! (And apparently I'm all about the caps!)


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