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Trash Talk Tuesday

Here you go guys, I'm giving it all I got here... But these stars aren't giving me much to work with... Where is all the juicy gossip?

George Clooney has a… blanket?

Recent news on this “hunk” (he’s a little past my age for my taste) has a special blanket that he takes with him everywhere. He once left it in Hawaii and payed the hotel to mail it to him… Cute or creepy? You decide.

Lady Gaga eats baby food

In an insane attempt to stay thin, Lady Gaga has switched to an all baby food diet. Strange? Very. Disgusting? Very. Are we surprised by anything she does anymore? No.

Taylor Swift + John Mayer = ?

Rumor has it that these two popular singers are getting together. I’m a little weirded out. He is 32 and she is 20—and wasn’t he recently dating Jennifer Aniston? He’s also dated (or was rumored to have dated) Jennifer Love Hewitt, Christina Aguilera, and Jessica Simpson. Talk about getting around…

Seth Green Ties the Knot

I haven’t seen a lot of movies starring this guy, but I can’t help but go “aww” when I look at him. He’s just so little. And I know that Janna is probably right now wondering how this red-headed guy ever got himself a lady… I have no answers for you Janna, but if a man made me laugh a lot—I just might have to marry him no matter his hair color.

Movie Review: Avatar

This time, instead of paying the $1 price, I had to pay the $3 price, which is still much better than the price at a regular theatre. Anyway—I thought Avatar was pretty decent. It did go on for over 2 hours (James Cameron—are we surprised by this?). And some parts could have easily been cut, and the main point of the movie would still be good. Do I think it lives up to its raving reviews? Not really. Was it worth one watch? Sure. One thing I hated was how over-the-top the villain of the movie was. He just wouldn’t die. I guess another annoying thing about the villain was that he was a military figure. This movie put the military in such a bad light… Oh well. I’d say if you want to, this movie is worth at least 1 watch. Would I watch it again? Hmmm… Can’t really say. Do I want to go out and hug a tree? Yes.

And there you have it...


  1. WELL! Interesting...
    Ok, GC is still pretty good looking for his age. I'm not saying I'd marry the guy, but he's good to look at. However, the blanket thing just makes me think of The Producers and Matthew Broderick's blanket. If GC acts like that w/o his blanket, he goes from being yum to yuck!
    Speaking of yuck, Lady Gaga and baby food? I have no words.
    Listen, John and Taylor... You're great. Sort of. Separately, at least you've done well. But that one duet you did was lame. Really lame. I was sad I paid the 99 cents on iTunes... So don't date. That's just awkward for the world.
    Way to go Seth Green! And way to not be intimidated by a chick that's taller than you. He's pretty funny. Dirty, yes, but funny nonetheless. I'm happy for him.
    Avatar just seems weird. I can't do it. I can't seem to muster up some interest to watch it. They are blue and tall and aren't avatars what you call video game characters? I don't know. Maybe in a while, I'll rent it from the RedBox, but I just don't see the draw...
    YAY ANNA!!! Also, I like the new blog design! It's neat.
    PS I love you.

  2. oh anna, you know me so well. i was horrified when i saw "awww" when talking about redheaded boy. "eww" is more like it. dont marry him. please.

    also the last person that talked to me about avatar said it was just like the disney's pocahontas if you really thought about it. since i havent seen it i cant say really. can you confirm or deny this claim for me?

  3. Janna,

    I can't marry Seth Green, silly, he just got married!

    I confirm the Pocahontas = Avatar claim. The only sad thing about Avatar was that there was no song about "Just around the riverbend"... Which pretty much made Pocahontas awesome in my book. But I suppose if you've seen one-- you've pretty much seen them both.


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