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Sore Feet, Creepers, and Hair Dye

Pure exhaustion. I just don't know how people do it. We must all be gluttons for punishment.

Of course I can only be referring to the length of the 8 hour work day. And how utterly painful it is to stand on your feet for 7.5 hours straight. I think my feet may actually fall off. We shall have an experiment in the making...

And now for a segment (very short, of course) I'd like to call the "Creeper of the Day" award. Today's creeper stars an older guy (think upper 30's, late 40's) who said to me, "So, McDonald's must be where all the pretty girls hang out, huh?" And then he smiled. Creepily. Good job, creeper man, for making it into my blog. You can now be famous in cyberspace. I look forward to many more days of working at McDonald's and discovering the "Creeper of the Day". (And trust me, there is at least one every day).

So a few days ago I decided to man up and have a little experiment. This experiment was named "Anna dyes her own hair". I figured, by the ripe old age of 23 I should be able to do some things for myself. Like dye my own hair. Time to be a little more independent! So I went on a journey to Wal-mart, picked out hair dye, and headed home.

Once at home I started to get a little nervous... What if my hair fell out? What if it turned a hideous color? What was I thinking?!?

But I took a deep breath-- looked in the mirror-- and said goodbye to my faded color. What follows is a picture account of my experience...
The picture above is my faded color... Turned a little reddish from washing, sunlight, blow drying, flat ironing, and general hair destroying activity. The usual.

I opened up the box of hair dye, mixed up the color, and began to apply it all over my head. At first I started with the roots-- and then I quickly abandoned my mission to be professional and just used my hands to spread the dye everywhere. I also used a comb to help. The picture above is me after coating my entire head with the dye... I was a little worried about the entire process-- but it was a little too late to change my mind.

The real victory came only after I rinsed out the dye and styled my hair. It was only then I could see how good of dye job I had done. I felt very victorious. And now that I can dye my own hair I can keep it up on a regular basis (perhaps every 6 weeks like the box recommends). I am pretty excited! Perhaps I am finally becoming an adult!

Alright, this blog has gotten way too long and a little topic crazy: Sore feet, creepers, and hair dye. I blame it all on the lack of caffeine I've ingested this week!

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  1. I think I will enjoy the Creeper of the Day segment... I think I could have had a segement like that back in my Physical Plant days. Good times.
    I KNEW YOU'D DYED YOUR HAIR! I love being right. And it looks great, BTW. I wish my one experience with hair dye had turned out that well. But, we all remember the 'red hair' phase as I like to call it. More like 'disaster hair' phase... I was terrifed of dying my hair, so Robyn Rudloff actually did it for me and she started to use the little comb, but eventually gave up in favor of those handy plastic gloves. That was a "fun" time that one used to be able to see on my FB. Not anymore...
    Oh Anna. How I miss you.


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