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Rude Awakening

This morning, I was lying blissfully in my bed. I was having a wonderful dream about toilets. Now, I know this sounds odd, so let me explain:

In my dream I was roommates with some college friends, Heather and Emily. One day our toilet broke. So being the plumber that I am, I opened the top and looked inside thinking "I can fix this!". I discovered, to my dismay, that the pumpy thing (notice the proper terminology that only a plumber would use?) was broken. "We must go to Home Depot." I declared. My roommates agreed and so we piled into the car and headed in to town.

Once we arrived at Home Depot and had walked to the toilet aisle
(because for all I know, they have one) there was a rather attractive helper man-- who was there to help innocent ladies fix all their plumbing problems. He smiled at me and said, "Can I help you?" I gladly nodded yes and explained about the pumpy thing in the toilet being broken. "We have 2 types, " He said. But alas, I had forgotten to check which of the 2 types I needed.

"It's ok," He added, "How about I come back to your apartment and help you figure out which one you need?" I was very excited! Our toilet was about to get fixed-- and to top it all off-- a cute man was going to do it! So, we appeared
(magically, only like you can in a dream) back at the apartment... The man turned to me and smiled and...

The next thing I know I am awakened by loud sirens in Springfield. What in the world? I thought about 3 different reason to explain these obnoxious sirens that had ruined a perfectly good dream:
1. There was a tornado
2. They were merely testing the sirens to make sure they worked
3. A convict had escaped (apparently there's a prison near my apartment)

I flipped over and tried to go back to sleep. Surely it wasn't a tornado-- it was 7:30 am, and there were birds chirping outside my window. To my dismay, sleep avoided me, and the sirens continued. I hopped out of bed and headed for my computer. I went online to check the weather-- and there-- in bright red was a giant TORNADO WARNING! I quickly flipped on the TV to discover I was in the thick of it-- about to die! (Yes, a little dramatic, I know)

Here are some things I did, that nobody should do if under a tornado warning:
1. Opened the blinds to look out all the windows
2. Stood outside at least twice to see the tornado
3. Stayed in my upstairs apartment with no hiding spot

And, it probably wouldn't have been so terrifying if my roommate had been home. But she had gone away on a trip to Arkansas last night, leaving me all alone. And, for the record, I am terrified of tornadoes. So I waited out the storms-- and 40 minutes of tornado sirens. But I'm still alive.

And I'm still a little angry about my rude awakening this morning... What about that cute Home Depot guy??? Maybe a little visit to that store will solve all my problems...


  1. I think you walking outside to look for the tornado and peering out the blinds shows the Okie blood in you. That's a natural instinct for all of us down here. Oh, and maybe you should go to home depot because there really is an isle with toilets.

  2. Poor Anna. First the cute Home Depot was taken from you, then you had to deal with tornadoes all alone! And poor Kristin! She's sure to feel bad for leaving you all by yourself. You should have gone to Arkansas with her! Then you could have avoided this problem.
    Here is what you do: Go back to sleep, dream about Home Depot, find the cute guy, check out his name tag, then wake up, go to HD and ask for [insert name here] and see if someone by that name works there. It's fool-proof.

  3. can you just redream dreams automatically like that?


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