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So yesterday was my half birthday. I'm not a crazy person who celebrates half birthdays-- but it did get me thinking. I am 23.5 years old. How is life going for me?

It's amazing how aging really gets the old noggin going...

So I decided to check up on a few of my New Year's Resolutions. I know, it's not halfway through the year-- but it is halfway through my birth year. Close enough.

Usually I don't make resolutions. Why? Because I never keep them. I never really care after 2 weeks... I always quit things I start. Well, at the start of this year I was sick of my unhealthy habits of always quitting. So I made some resolutions. 8, to be exact. I'm a little crazy. I go from never having any to having 8. I have almost a 0% chance of success... How sad for me. Let's check up:

1. Find a job. (Check-- I found one working as a graduate assistant. However, that job ends in 2 weeks and I have to find another job. So perhaps I should uncheck it?!?)
2. Write in journal daily. (Check-- I bought a new journal and everyday have written something. Whether or not it's been something interesting remains to be seen.)
3. Cut back on road rage (Um... still working on this. Can I help it people don't know how to drive?!?)
4. Lose some weight (Check-- even though I'm getting a little annoyed at this one because I seem to have plateaued... Drat!)
5. Try to do 2 things off my bucket list (Check!!! I am going to see Michael Buble in concert this summer *swoons on the spot* and I ran a 5K!)
6. Go on a date (Fail. Major fail. This will probably never happen again in my lifetime)
7. Join a Bible study (Well-- I did join one, and then I stopped. And then my roommate and I started doing one on Daniel. I think this counts)
8. Cut back on soda intake. (Check! I have not had one sip of soda since January 1. Some days it's difficult. And then I drink coffee or tea instead and everything is ok)

Alright-- so some of those are looking pretty good. Score! Did you guys have any resolutions this year? And how are they going thus far?

Being ancient (aka: 23.5) also made me think about where I thought my life would be at this point. I seriously thought I would have a professional job (not necessarily teaching, but definitely not going back to work at McDonalds). I also thought I would at least be in some kind of serious dating relationship. I never thought I'd be moving back home after college. Wow, I am getting a little depressed... Maybe once I get back home I'll sit on the couch, lament the days of my youth, and wonder where my life is going-- or if it's ever going to go anywhere. At this point-- I seriously doubt it.

Wow. And that ends my introspective-- and highly depressing Monday blog. And I know you are probably depressed-- because I am depressed. I need more coffee...


  1. #4 - weight train. this is also a test of posting comments on your blog!

  2. So Aaron and I must be extremely ancient. :) In regards to #7, I'm not sure doing a Bible study with your roommate counts as going to a Bible study. I think you have to actually GO somewhere, like a church, for it to count. :) And yes, your blog made me depressed too. I'm 27.5 and still figuring out my life! ;)

  3. Wow. 8 resolutions. I didn't even make one. But that may have also been because I was not thinking about New Years at all this year... How sad. I think that you are doing amazing so far with your resolutions! I am pretty darn impressed.
    And don't be depressed. Half the fun of life is dealing with the unexpected. I never thought I'd be living in Texas, married, and working part-time at 23.5 (I'm only 6 days behind you, you know!) but it's good. Think about it this way: you're only 23.5! You've still got most of your life ahead of you! There is still so much to see and do and experience! Life is your oyster: keep cracking at it till you find your pearl!
    It's funny. Life goes by at light speed sometimes and by milliseconds at other times. I'm pretty glad that I get to be your "powdered egg" through it all!


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