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Easy Steps to Running a 5K

Well friends, I have done it. Cross another one off the list of things to do before I die! I completed my first ever 5K! And even though toward the end I started to get bitter, sweaty, and super annoyed with the cheering people-- I never once gave up and walked! Hurray!

Now you're wondering-- but Anna, you hate to run. It is such a pain for you. However did you manage this incredible feat? I don't always like to spill secrets-- but in this case I'll share!
Here are the steps to getting ready for a 5k (take with a grain of salt):

1. Begin training at least 4 months before the race (or you'll regret it).
2. Eating cookies and watching TV is not the equivalent of training. (I'm a little sad about this one)
3. Don't let your schedule get so busy you don't have time to work out.
4. Don't work out so much that you have no social life.
5. Ask a friend (or in my case, roommate) to run with you.
6. Choose a race and actually sign up-- they are usually for a good cause:
6. Buy some clothes made for running. AKA: Spandex. I not even kidding. It is my new best friend.
7. Make sure you have good running shoes (otherwise you're going to need a serious pedicure...)

The day BEFORE the race:
1. Eat lots of carbs for dinner. LOTS (I loved this part).
2. Don't work too hard the day before.
3. Go pick up your race packets and special numbers to wear on your shirt! (See Kristin for an example)

3. Go to bed kind of early.
4. Pray to Jesus and ask Him to help you survive.
5. Don't eat certain things: coffee, too many dairy products, spicy food, chinese food, BBQ. Stick with the Italian unless you want to taste it again the next day.
6. Tell your friend that you are an idiot for signing up for the race.

The day OF the race:
1. Get up early enough to eat a light breakfast.
2. Make sure you are hydrated.
3. Tell your friend that you are an idiot for signing up for the race.
4. Do not overexert yourself by staring at computer screens...

5. Get dressed and ready to go.

6. Go to the bathroom-- again, and again. Just to make sure.
7. Watch something quality on TV. Like the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
8. Drive to the race.
9. Warm up.
10. Go to the bathroom-- again
11. Try to weasel out of running by suggesting other things like, "How about we go to the mall instead?" or "What if we just walk...? Wouldn't that be nice?"
12. Give yourself a pep talk... "You have been training for this since January" and "You are going to be amazing!" and "You can do it... maybe!"
13. Line up-- but don't be too close to the front or you will be run over by faster people.
14. Try not to die as you run.
15. Get angry at the people who tell you "You're almost there" every time you run by them. If at all possible, punch one of these people. They will get the message.
16. Finish and cool down.
17. Celebrate by eating a doughnut. And later on a delicious cheeseburger and fries... And after that an ice-cream cone...
18. Go for another run to work off all the extra food you ate.
19. Rejoice that the day is over.
20. Thank Jesus that you survived.

And there you have it, the easy steps to running a 5K. Never thought I'd do it-- but I did! And so can you!


  1. Am I the friend you told over and over that you were an idiot for signing up for the race? Cause I'm pretty sure you told me that at least 10 times. You can check.

    I am so proud of you! You accomplished something awesome. I'm glad you rewarded yourself heartily. I doubt I'll run a 5K, but if I were to someday, I'd be thinking of you and Kristin!

  2. that is some great advice. thanks for sharing and if i ever run a 5k, i hope to come out a survivor and champion....just like YOU!


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