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Alright. So I'm not going to go on and on with a story that just didn't happen... But I will share with you yesterday's "Creeper of the Day", as well as today's "Creeper of the Day". (It's very easy to find these guys when you work the front counter at a fast food restaurant.)

So-- yesterday's "Creeper of the Day" goes to a man with a mullet. That's right. A mullet. But was it the mullet that made him into a creeper? No. Was the mullet a little bit funny? Yes. Did I laugh? Yes--in my head-- I'm too polite to laugh out loud. Perhaps he can't afford a hair cut? Perhaps he doesn't realize we aren't in the 1980's anymore? Perhaps Billy Ray Cyrus is his hero?(see photo)Well anyway, what made this guy win the "Creeper of the Day" is the way he kept staring at me. Maybe I'm just paranoid. Maybe not.

And today's "Creeper of the Day" goes to an older guy (late 30's) who came in and winked at me. Thanks, older guy, for livening up my long work shift with an ultra-creepy wink. *sarcasm alert* I hope he comes back every day!

I wonder if these past creepers will be topped in the future? It'll be hard-- but I'm sure someone will fill the role nicely.

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  1. Oh Billy Ray Cyrus. My heart is a little sad that your lame-o daughter is now more famous than you. You and your Achy Breaky Heart and your "awesome" mullet. (I use the word awesome loosely).
    I miss the days of ultra-creepy winks..... Not. I used to get them from super old men who came into the Physical Plant; not just people who came in (like vendors, or constructions people, or the bug spray guy (who was actually nice and not creepy)), but from the guys who worked there too... Try not wearing make-up and making your hair look super greasy. That'll keep them away. Actually, it probably won't help all that much. You're really good-looking... ;)


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