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And-- cue the big heaving sigh--

Monday blogs are usually things that tickle my fancy. Perhaps something to entertain you (but mostly to entertain me, if I'm being honest).

I'm sorry to say that I have run out of entertainment. At least, for the time being. Well-- quick story-- this morning I made coffee and I guess some of the grounds got into my mug. I ended today's cup of coffee by choking on the grounds. Ew!

Today it is official. I am in the adult world. Oh sure, I was in it before-- I just happened to have a part-time job that made it seem less unofficial. Now I have no part-time job. I have no job. I have no homework because my summer classes don't start until June.

I have decided that I don't like real life. Does anybody like real life? Probably not. And if they do, I think they need to get their heads examined. Or something.

Let the job hunt begin....

And for your entertainment-- and for reading this far in this depressing blog post-- enjoy these videos that always bring a smile to my face:
  1. Tom Cruise
  2. Cleveland Tourism Video
  3. Grape Stomp

Wow! My Monday has already improved!


  1. i hope your culture shock into adulthood goes better than mine is.
    and an iphone! cool. this is why though, i never go with my dad when i get a new phone. then im always surprised and happy with what i get because i dont know what im missing.

  2. those videos were the best ever. seriously, anna, you made my day with that grape lady vid. man oh man. have you seen this one? ...


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