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Alright. So I'm not going to go on and on with a story that just didn't happen... But I will share with you yesterday's "Creeper of the Day", as well as today's "Creeper of the Day". (It's very easy to find these guys when you work the front counter at a fast food restaurant.)

So-- yesterday's "Creeper of the Day" goes to a man with a mullet. That's right. A mullet. But was it the mullet that made him into a creeper? No. Was the mullet a little bit funny? Yes. Did I laugh? Yes--in my head-- I'm too polite to laugh out loud. Perhaps he can't afford a hair cut? Perhaps he doesn't realize we aren't in the 1980's anymore? Perhaps Billy Ray Cyrus is his hero?(see photo)Well anyway, what made this guy win the "Creeper of the Day" is the way he kept staring at me. Maybe I'm just paranoid. Maybe not.

And today's "Creeper of the Day" goes to an older guy (late 30's) who came in and winked at me. Thanks, older guy, for livening up my long work shift with an ultra-creepy wink. *sarcasm alert* I hope he comes back every day!

I wonder if these past creepers will be topped in the future? It'll be hard-- but I'm sure someone will fill the role nicely.

Sore Feet, Creepers, and Hair Dye

Pure exhaustion. I just don't know how people do it. We must all be gluttons for punishment.

Of course I can only be referring to the length of the 8 hour work day. And how utterly painful it is to stand on your feet for 7.5 hours straight. I think my feet may actually fall off. We shall have an experiment in the making...

And now for a segment (very short, of course) I'd like to call the "Creeper of the Day" award. Today's creeper stars an older guy (think upper 30's, late 40's) who said to me, "So, McDonald's must be where all the pretty girls hang out, huh?" And then he smiled. Creepily. Good job, creeper man, for making it into my blog. You can now be famous in cyberspace. I look forward to many more days of working at McDonald's and discovering the "Creeper of the Day". (And trust me, there is at least one every day).

So a few days ago I decided to man up and have a little experiment. This experiment was named "Anna dyes her own hair". I figured, by the ripe old age of 23 I should be able to do some things for myself. Like dye my own hair. Time to be a little more independent! So I went on a journey to Wal-mart, picked out hair dye, and headed home.

Once at home I started to get a little nervous... What if my hair fell out? What if it turned a hideous color? What was I thinking?!?

But I took a deep breath-- looked in the mirror-- and said goodbye to my faded color. What follows is a picture account of my experience...
The picture above is my faded color... Turned a little reddish from washing, sunlight, blow drying, flat ironing, and general hair destroying activity. The usual.

I opened up the box of hair dye, mixed up the color, and began to apply it all over my head. At first I started with the roots-- and then I quickly abandoned my mission to be professional and just used my hands to spread the dye everywhere. I also used a comb to help. The picture above is me after coating my entire head with the dye... I was a little worried about the entire process-- but it was a little too late to change my mind.

The real victory came only after I rinsed out the dye and styled my hair. It was only then I could see how good of dye job I had done. I felt very victorious. And now that I can dye my own hair I can keep it up on a regular basis (perhaps every 6 weeks like the box recommends). I am pretty excited! Perhaps I am finally becoming an adult!

Alright, this blog has gotten way too long and a little topic crazy: Sore feet, creepers, and hair dye. I blame it all on the lack of caffeine I've ingested this week!

Trash Talk Tuesday

Well-- it's Tuesday! That means it's time for a little trash talk... Enjoy!
Welcome to another edition of Trash Talk Tuesday! I have been scouring the headlines over the last week-- looking for articles of interest. So here's some news for you-- Enjoy!

Venus Williams = Scandalous?
At the French Open this week Venus was snapped wearing a tennis outfit she designed herself. The only strange thing was that the outfit was considered to be a bit "scandalous" for the tennis world. I, personally, think it could have been much worse. Oh well...

American Idol
The finale of AI is this week (finally!), and it will officially be Simon Cowell's last episode. He is leaving the show after countless seasons (I'm not even going to bother counting them). In an interview with Oprah, Simon admitted to being bored while making this newest season. And I have to agree with him-- there are only so many times you can sit and watch until you start to feel a little deja vu. Nothing can surprise us anymore. We've seen all that we can see.

Do I think Simon's leaving will hurt the show's future ratings? Absolutely! I think he is one of the main reasons people watch the show (at least, he was my reason-- we were always on the same page!). So here's to hoping the producers of AI will take note of Mr. Cowell's abandoning this sinking ship-- I think she's sailed as far as she can go-- it's time to stop!

London Reveals the 2012 Olympic Mascots
First of all, am I the only person in the world who didn't realize every Olympic game has some kind of "mascot" marketed toward children? I was completely unaware of this--even when I was a child. How odd... Secondly, these mascots are a little creepy. I'm always creeped out by any adult running around in a puffy suit-- and these guys don't help the matter. Couldn't they have made something to uniquely represent London? I guess not.

Justin Beiber + BET Award
This little guy was nominated for a BET music award. How? I have no idea. First of all, not only is he not black-- he's CANADIAN! It doesn't get any whiter than that. And, for heaven's sake, he sounds like a 12 year old girl when he sings...

Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas... Split?
My first thought-- who is Demi Lovato? And my second thought-- what? I didn't even know they were dating-- and now these youngsters (I feel like a granny saying that) are in the news for breaking up?!? They are only 17 and 20 years old-- they have their whole lives ahead of them! It's not the end of the world. And, frankly, I don't think the world really cares (except for maybe those teenyboppers).

Movie Review: Robin Hood
Last weekend I went to see Robin Hood (Starring Russell Crowe). I was pleasantly surprised! Instead of being the typical story where Robin Hood steals from the rich to give to the poor-- the movie focuses on what made the legend a legend. It was more of a "backstory" than anything. I thought it was a a nice change from the other versions-- and I quite enjoyed it. And if you read Trash Talk last week you know Russell Crowe got angry for being asked about using an "Irish" accent during the movie (which he denied)... However, I gotta say-- he did sound Irish! Poor guy... But I thought it was a good movie-- thumbs up-- go see it if you like action flicks.

And there you have it. Your dish on what's hot (and perhaps what's not).


Unpleasant Things

For today's blog I have decided to compile a list of unpleasant things... You might not agree with all of them-- so feel free to add to the list or share your opinion.

But, seriously, why do unpleasant things have to happen? I wish all life was a walk on the beach. A piece of cake. A breeze. A jolly holiday. (Alright, I'll stop).

And then again, maybe it's the unpleasant things in life that turn us into the people we are...? Or perhaps the unpleasant things are what make life interesting...?


Unpleasant Things That Have Recently Happened to Me:
1. Having to stand on my feet for 8 hours during a work shift.
2. Shopping for a new bathing suit when I'm not a size 2.
3. Having to tuck my uniform shirt into my pants (Nobody looks good that way).
4. Burning my tongue on something really hot.
5. Getting a zit on my face before an important event.
6. Sweating.
7. Having too much humidity in the air.
8. Being all alone on my day off from work.
9. Finding out that the book I want to buy only comes in hardback ($$$).
10. Realizing I don't have any friends to hang out with. Ever.
11. Eating too many brownies in one sitting.
12. Being attacked by a vicious butterfly.
13. Not being able to find a job I actually want.
14. Having to watch Tom Cruise run around with long hair in Mission Impossible 2 (ew!)
15. Being forced to wear tennis shoes every day (also for my job).

I'm sure this list could go on, but I'm also sure that I don't want to bore you. I guess these things aren't that bad-- I mean, it's not like my hair caught on fire, my car was stolen, and I got mugged. Life could be worse. I'll keep that in mind...

Discovery of the Week!!!

Apparently I make my coffee strong. This is news to me considering I just follow the directions put on my totally amazing "1 cup coffee maker" from heaven... It told me to put in 2 1/2 Tbsp of coffee for each cup. My brother-in-law (an avid coffee drinker) informed me the other day that he puts that same amount into a multiple cup coffee machine. I don't know who to believe-- my coffee machine instructions-- or my brother-in-law. I guess since I have been drinking it this way for the past year, I'll just keep it up.

Sorry-- that tirade had nothing to do with today's blog topic-- but I was drinking some coffee and just wanted to throw it out there...

Alright-- time for what I like to call the "discovery of the week"! This is going to be a product, service, good advice, etc., that I have recently discovered and come to truly appreciate. I think, as a result, you will share in my new-found joy and also come to appreciate (and maybe even buy or use) the discovery of the week!

This week's discovery is a hair product! (Don't run away men, you can use it too!)

I was watching TV last week (cause what else do I do with my life?) and I saw a commercial for a new hair product from TRESemme. And what was this amazing discovery? DRY SHAMPOO!

For curly hair (foam shampoo)

For straight hair (spray on)

That's right-- it's a shampoo that you spray on (or rub on) your dry hair. Then you wait 1-2 minutes and either brush it out (for straight hair) or pat it out with a towel (for curly hair). You don't need any water-- and it gets your hair clean!

In case you didn't know (and this might ruin all my hopes of future matrimonial bliss) I don't wash my hair everyday. It never looks greasy on the 2nd day-- so why should I wash it? Well lately I've been having trouble with oil in one spot (how does that even happen?) so I bought the dry shampoo for straight hair and tried it out. And it really works! It was amazing-- and it left my hair smelling clean! I wonder if I can go for 3 days?!? I sense an experiment in the works...

So, I am touting this new product. You can buy it at Walmart (and probably any drug store). I haven't tried out the one for curly hair-- but I bet it works just as well.

And there you have it! Dry shampoo!!! I'm so excited-- in case you couldn't tell.


Apparently it's wedding season. I gather all my facts from Facebook stalking (a very reliable source, trust me). According to a lot of people (and couples) it's time to get married!!!

This outpouring of love and twitterpaited-ness (Thanks, Bambi) gets me thinking. About life. And it kind of also gets me feeling emotional. But not in the way you'd expect.

You know how some women are like, "I've been dreaming about (and planning) my wedding since I was a little girl!"? Well-- I feel a little odd because I am definitely not one of these women. When I was a little girl I dreamed about becoming a veterinarian. That's right. I loved dogs more than I loved love. I also dreamed about becoming a writer (I think this blog may be the closest I'll ever get).

I'm sure I had some dreams involving settling down with Mr. Right-- but I'm also 99% certain I never dreamed about the actual wedding.

Don't get me wrong, I am in no way knocking on weddings. People love weddings. They love planning every minuscule detail. They love decorations. They love cake (let's face it, who doesn't?). They love being in love...

As I stated before, people love weddings. And good for them.

Here comes the odd part.

I hope you are sitting down.

Don't be offended if you are married and I attended (or was in) your wedding.


I don't like weddings.

Not one bit. In fact, when I think of weddings I kind of get a little nauseated. So much hullabaloo for one day in your life that will be over more quickly than you can imagine. I've heard that the wedding day flies by for the bride and groom-- and they are lucky if they can remember a lot of what actually happened. Sounds overwhelming. And dramatic. 2 things I like to avoid.

Now, you are free to believe that "She doesn't like weddings because she's never been in love." It's true. I have never been in love. But I also somehow doubt that some man can come along and suddenly make me change this feeling that has been firmly set in stone for 23.5 years. He can try. May the best man win.

As I've grown in age (and wisdom) I have discovered a few things I know I want at my wedding. Here is as far as my dreaming goes:
1. I want to get married in the fall. Because it's pretty much the best season ever.
2. I want karaoke at my wedding (if you've been following my blog you know I am karaoke obsessed)
3. I don't think I want to be married in a church... Or be surrounded by numerous decorations during my wedding.
4. My wedding cake can be a giant cupcake? Yes, please!!! (This will probably change, but right now a cupcake sounds delicious!)Other than these details-- I have no idea. My tastes seem to change as quickly as the seasons-- so why spend all my life (and singleness) pining over a "dream" wedding that (here comes pessimism) may never occur. I won't stand for it. When the time comes-- that will be the time to plan.

And while you are left pondering these pointless ramblings-- may you enjoy some horrible wedding ideas as much as me...

Bridesmaid Dresses (I pity these ladies)
Wedding Colors Gone Wrong

A Snack-Cake Themed "Cake"

I shudder to imagine some of these weddings in the making. Although those snack cakes are starting to look pretty delicious right now... Any dream wedding ideas? Or things you put into your wedding that turned into a disaster?

Trash Talk Tuesday

Well-- we have arrived at yet another Tuesday-- which, of course, means it's time for some trash talk. Each Tuesday seems to come faster than the last! I'm going to have to step up my research! This week's theme seems to be movies. And we're off!

Spiderman, Spiderman...
So… Spiderman the musical is in the making for Broadway. Really? Who’s going to watch it?

The Irish Robin Hood
On the big screen, Russell Crowe seems to be doing well. In real life, not so much. Apparently this star of the newly released Robin Hood got huffy in an interview when asked if the accent he used in the film was supposed to be Irish. An Irish Robin Hood? Sounds almost as awesome as Kevin Costner’s American accent Robin Hood. Back to Crowe—he got angry at an interviewer for asking about the accent and walked out of the interview. And how old are we, Mr. Crowe? Oh that’s right—I forgot—you are 5…. (Does anybody else remember when he got angry and threw a phone at someone?) Oh yeah, I'm planning on watching this in the theater-- I'll let you know how it goes.

Shia LaBeouf Tells the Truth
It’s official… even the actor himself has stated that some of his previous movies were less-than-spectacular. In less than the span of a week Shia somehow managed to put down his movies Transformers 2 and Indiana Jones 4. And I must agree with him—terrible, terrible movies. But thanks, Shia, for manning up and finally agreeing with the rest of the world’s opinion on these 2 movies. This makes me like you even more (if that’s even possible).

Jake G. Becomes Lego History

For his upcoming movie—Jake G. has been turned into a Lego figurine! Who else has become a famous Lego piece?Check out my research below...

Ben Franklin Prince David and Goliath Mutt (played by Shia LaBeouf in the 4th Indiana Jones—haha) Darth Vader
And this tiny, tiny list was merely the result of my 5 minute investigation! I imagine there are thousands of crazy Lego people out there...

Alright-- this has been your weekly dose of nonsense and pointless information. I would have put something about celebrities having babies (there were a lot) or celebrities partying (there was a lot-- AKA: Lindsay Lohan), but I decided to stick with the movie theme. Much more interesting. At least to me. Hope you enjoyed!
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