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Pregnant Lady Feet

Yesterday was a hard day at work. Ok. Let me rephrase. Yesterday was a hard day at work-- for my feet.

I only had to sub twice-- which meant I was technically only on my feet for 2 hours. However, instead of wearing flats like the wise woman, I decided to wear some heels (granted, they had already been broken in). But thanks to the heat (80 degrees) and being on my feet (no rhyme intended), I ended up with what I like to call "pregnant lady feet". AKA: My feet were slightly swollen. It was very uncomfortable.

Now that I've probably made some of you uncomfortable by talking about my pregnant lady feet even though I'm not pregnant-- I will press onward.

This experience made me realize how dumb women can be. We put ourselves through so much torture-- just to look good. And, in my case, it's not even working because I'm still single and have been that way for 23 years. Boo. And that half year mark is coming around- and I am no closer to finding *the one* (cue barfing noise). But, alas, I won't give up hope. Because I know if I stop wearing heels and never find a man, then I will just blame myself for dressing like a slob, ergo-- never being able to attract a mate.

And while I'm debating this dilemma, check out these high heels that woman can actually wear. Ridiculously stupid, if you ask me.

My personal favorite were the ones with knives for heels. I'm like "Are you planning on dicing something while you walk?" But I guess it'd prove helpful in committing murder... Crazy ladies. Oh, and here some proof about heels being bad for you. I mean, you don't need to stop wearing (unless your a man), but just be aware you may regret it later in life. I wore mine for 4 hours and regretted it. Just sayin'.


  1. Just your title skeezes me out a little.

    So are you looking for a man at your elementary school? Not sure you've got the right group of prospects there.

  2. Woah... some of those shoes cannot be real? I mean the ones with no heel?? Or the ones that looked like ballet toe shoes, but were massive high heels?? Who does that? Granted, I don't wear heels often anymore, but I used to and I liked them. But I don't think I'd go to those extremes!


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