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Trash Talk Tuesdays

Well, it is once again that time of the week-- trash talk time! I spent the last week scouring and pouring over gossip websites and news articles-- only to bring you the most important (at least in my mind) and exciting celebrity gossip, rumors, etc. And, unfortunately, this last week was pretty boring. So, enjoy what I managed to drudge up!!!

Lindsay Lohan was fired from a film
Does this really shock anyone? Has anyone taken a good long look at this girl? I think she’s gone off the deep end. And I don’t think anyone is missing her. Just saying.

Justin Beiber—Future Movie star?
When I first heard this story I thought, “Oh Lord, please make it all stop.” First of all, Justin sounds like a 12 year old girl when he sings. I mean, I literally heard one of his songs and thought, “Who is this girl singing?” Ridiculous. And then I found out that lots of girls love him—and I thought they were crazy. Because not only does he sound like a 12 year old girl, he also looks one. And now he wants to make movies? Will the torture ever stop??? Apparently not.

New trailer for Eclipse film

Ok. Not gonna lie. I watched this movie trailer. And, is it just me, or is Edward Cullen becoming more and more chalky and pale? Feel free to watch and laugh alongside me. (Although this was my favorite of the 4 books—maybe it’ll be the best movie, too)

Whitney Houston… Doesn’t have it anymore?
In a shocking revelation—Whitney Houston performed for a crowd in London—and failed to hit the crucial high notes of her song. *Gasp* Fans were furious—after all, they paid good money to see the 46 year old singer belt it out… But here’s the thing: She is 46. Seriously. Her voice has to be tired after years of singing. And not all good things last forever. So, people need to stop complaining and find a new idol to gush over, and perhaps Whitney should call it quits- and then everyone can go home happy. Instead of cringing.

Nick Cannon + Mariah Carey

It’s official—they have been married for almost 2 years. This couple is going to renew their wedding vows. I just wondered if anyone else out there found their coupling to be a little bit on the creepy side? After all, she is 40—and he is 29. Call me old fashioned—but it just comes across as weird.

And there you have it, my dish on this week's "news". I'm sorry it couldn't be more interesting. Blame it on the famous people...


  1. I find your dish very interesting!
    1. Lindsay who?? I've forgotten all about this Lohan and think she should move to somewhere else so the media will stop giving her attention.
    2. Justin Bieber does sound like a 12 year old girl. But is that insulting to 12 year old girls? I think so. How anyone could find this dude attractive is beyond me.
    3. If I've said it once, I've said it 100 times. Robert Pattinson is unable to go an entire scene without looking like he is going to weep. It's a major character flaw. And I will probably not be watching Eclipse. Mostly cause I can't stand Bella.
    4. Whitney is tired. She's been belting out notes only dogs can hear for YEARS! Of course she isn't as good as she was when she was in her 20's. Time takes a toll on the voice. She was on Dancing with the Stars (singing) and she sang her hit I Wanna Dance with Somebody. Except it was more like talking than singing. She didn't even try for the high notes. And I can't say I blame her. I give her props for still trying. But maybe it's time for her golden pipes to retire. They are getting a little rusty, but it is nothing to be ashamed about!
    5. I did not know that Mariah Carey was married... I thought she was divorced. And while I have little or no idea who Nick Cannon is, it is a little weird that she is so much older. But maybe it's the new thing. It's worked for Demi and Ashton so far...

    Have I mentioned that I love love LOVE TTT??? Cause I do!

  2. Eclipse: I watched the trailer, and it looks like they're going for an epic Lord of the Rings-type feel. I will never read the books, but from what Heather has described to me, this movie looks ridiculous.

    Cannon/Carey: Why do they need to renew vows after 2 years? Yikes.

    Heather: I'm pretty sure you've said that about Robert Pattinson waaaay more than 100 times. Thank you, though, for not wanting to see Eclipse. I appreciate it.

  3. Did you know?....Lindsay Lohan was very upset and sued E-Trade for $100M because of their comercial (you know the ones with the funny talking babies). Her reasoning was that one of the babies called another baby a "milk-a-holic" and that baby's name just happened to be lindsay. Call me crazy but I don't think the use of the first name lindsay, should only apply to Miss's not like she's Britney Spears or anything! Just thought that was interesting.


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