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Trash Talk Tuesdays

Ok. I know what you're thinking. Trash talk? Who could I want to trash talk? Well, I've decided that on Tuesdays I will review and give my opinion on popular celebrity scandals, new movies, trends in the USA, etc.

So here we go-- trash talking our pop culture!

Kate Gosselin on Dancing with the Stars

Ok. First of all, let me just say, this woman drives me crazy! I've only watched a few of those pathetic "John and Kate plus 8"-- and she was insane! She wore the pants (which I'm not opposed to), but she did it in such a rude manner. And now she is on DWTS-- and she is horrible. I've only seen her dance twice-- and it was ridiculous. I don't know why people vote for her. What is wrong with America?

American Idol

What in the world is going on with Fox? I think American Idol has seen better days. I can't even bring myself to watch it anymore. The singers seem to be lacking, the judges are predictable and unexciting, and I just don't know how people care anymore. I think it might be a fan base of 12 year olds. Good luck to the winner... But I for one won't be watching any more seasons.

Jesse James Scandal (and frankly any other "cheating" scandal)

Ok. Sure. I feel bad for Sandra Bullock. But really, do I have to hear everyday some new piece of gossip about her cheating husband? The same goes for other cheating scandals. Give it a rest and let the couples work it out-- without our knowledge. It's not really helping anyone to broadcast to the world. Boo.

Conan O'brien signs with TBS

Ok. This one is out here because I am so overjoyed! Conan signed with TBS to start his own show on the network in November. He will be on at 10 central-- and I can't wait! Oh Conan, how I've missed your crazy antics and your pointless jokes!

And on that happy note, I am ending this first posting of "Trash Talk Tuesdays". More to come next week...


  1. 1 word:


    I totally agree with you. 100% on all your points. If I wasn't feeling sickly, I'd give you a better response, but I'll do better next week.

  2. for "trash talk" you sound really polite.


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