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Trash Talk Tuesday

It was pointed out to me last week that I wasn't really a "trash talker". I must say that this inference is correct. Jesus probably wouldn't appreciate real trash talk. Instead I just, you know, talk about pop culture, movies, etc. With a smidge of opinion on the side.

Why "trash talk"? Because it starts with "T" and so does the word "Tuesday". And here we go!!

Charlie Sheen cuts his hair and *gasp* ends Two and a Half Men???

  • LAME! First of all, Charlie—you are not very funny these days. Your TV show leaves me feeling bored and nauseated. Does your character really need to wear the same outfit in every episode?
  • Is the show over…? What will we do now?!? Guess what Charlie, no one cares that you got a new haircut and possibly quit your TV show—Let’s hope this last rumor is true because that will leave room for better entertainment—such as “The Big Bang Theory” and “How I Met Your Mother”.
  • Plus, no one appreciates a woman abuser. Don’t believe me? This site is dedicated to proving it true:

Movie Review: Valentine’s Day

  • Kristin and I went to watch this last Tuesday at the Palace ($1—be jealous). And 1 dollar is certainly what I feel is the proper price for anyone else wanting to see this—sorry if you paid full-price. This film was certainly one thing if nothing else: star studded. Actor List: Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper, Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Alba, Kathy Bates, Jessica Biel, Queen Latifah, Jamie Foxx, Patrick Dempsey, Topher Grace, Jennifer Garner, Eric Dane, Anne Hathaway, and MORE! Sheesh. I felt a little overwhelmed. This boatload of actors brought to the screen a boatload of plot lines. For the most part, every plot was loosely connected in some way. However, the movie doesn’t close a lot of the doors it opens—you don’t feel a personal connection to any of the characters (or their love issues)—and it lasts over 2 hours. I am glad I suffer (or think I do) from ADD—otherwise I would have found the scene changes and various plot lines confusing and pointless
  • My favorite part? Taylor Swift’s horrible acting skills. Always left me feeling awkward…
  • I give it a “C-“ or a “D+”—it’s not on my list of “Worst Movies Ever Made”—but it gets close.
  • PS- Word on the street is that they are making a follow-up with the same people called “New Years Day”—that is one movie I will gladly skip.

Nicolas Cage's Burial Site

  • What? Is he planning on dying soon? Apparently Nicolas Cage has a penchant for buying strange real estate (you know, castles and pyramid shaped tombs). How odd… And pretty darn hilarious! I want to be buried in one of these—feel to donate spare change so I can get the hook up! His tomb is in New Orleans and is, according to sources, 9’ tall.

President Obama plays... Golf?

  • Sure—he’s a dude—and sometimes dudes like to play golf. Here is the kicker, according to this article: President Obama has played golf a total of 32 times since entering office. Ok, you ask, what’s the big deal? Well, the part that makes me mad is that George W. Bush was mocked by Liberals for playing golf. And as of now, President Obama has played golf 8x more than President Bush did in his ENTIRE Presidency. And Mr. Obama is only in the first year of his service… Ridiculous. It’s pretty easy to figure out who is controlling the media in this country.

Jennifer Knapp—Secret Lesbian (gasp of feigned horror)

  • My parents made me aware of this news at dinner last night. Apparently song writer and singer, Jennifer Knapp, has come out of the closet. But in today’s world it seems like famous people are daily revealing their “deepest secret”. Nothing really shocks me anymore. It’s like—I wake up—and someone new has come out of the closet. Another day *yawn*… I am, frankly, a little bored with news like this.
  • I remarked my parents, “I wonder if this will affect her record sales?” And my Dad replied, “It’s not like people were standing in line to buy her CDs before…” Touché. Too bad for Ms. Knapp.
  • Source:

And there you have it. The news that has caught my eye-- or annoyed me-- this week. Until we meet again next week, this has been Anna with your weekly dose of celebrity gossip and entertainment news...

1 comment

  1. You know I'm a sucker for a good alliteration, and I like your Trash Talk Tuesdays!

    1. I totally agree about Charlie. It's like, "Come on. You've been in the media too long already. Your dad knew when to call it quits. So should you. Plus your show is the least funny on CBS right now. And that is sad for you."

    2. I kind of wanted to see Valentine's Day, mostly to see how ALL of those stars could coexist in one movie. I'm glad I didn't waster the money. Maybe I'll rent it from RedBox just so I can laugh at Taylor Swift. It looked like it had the potential to be just as awful as He's Just Not That Into You, which also boasted lots of stars. I think that sometimes less is more.

    3. Really, Nick Cage? A pyramid?? Are you a pharoh and no one knows it? Are you going to be buried with all the fake treasure from your National Treasure movies? I think, on some level, he thinks he's the modern Indy, but Harrison Ford is still alive and kicking, or did he not see Indians Jones 4 with Shia Lebouf? (I don't reccomnend it. It's lame)

    4. Who the flip cares if the president is playing golf? I mean, really? Where's the harm? It's golf. I think double standards are lame, like caring that GWB played golf and not caring that Obama does, but it is still golf. If they wanna look like fools hitting little white balls on field, let them!

    5. Burn! Ms. Knapp, courtesy of ANNA'S DAD! That is really the only part of the Jennifer Knapp thing that interested me. I don't care for her music, and her coming out wouldn't change that either way probably. And there are those in the CCM world that will shun her now, and that is just the way it is. Do I support her choices? Absolutely not. But does that mean the world should condemn her now? I don't think so. This issue is always tricky. We're called to love the person, but not the sin. And that is sometimes a thin line to walk.

    I LOVE TRASH TALK TUESDAYS!!! Thanks for the fun dishing!


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