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This morning...

This morning I woke up kind of early (8:30-- don't hate me) and realized my mouth was hanging wide open. There are some possible explanations for this...

1. I have bad allergies and my nose was stuffed up last night. Therefore, without the open mouth I would have suffocated.
2. I always sleep with my mouth open (true story)
3. I enjoy thinking my roommate (or whoever may enter the room where I sleep) will get a kick out of seeing my mouth wide open for the world to see.

Last night I think it was a combination of the first 2. I'm not sure if my roommate ever notices how much I sleep with my mouth open, but she's very kind not to mention it. However, this morning I could have sworn I heard a giggle. I call this "paranoia". Hm.

The 2nd adventure of the day began when I cleaned the kitchen! I was looking for a drawer to put a clean pot in... and when I opened a bottom drawer a horrible smell came out! Turns out my roommate had bought some potatoes back in the day (I mean WAY back in the day-- February style) and I had stored them in the drawer thinking she would remember them (because I sure wouldn't). I guess I never told her about the hidden potatoes. And there we have it! A fun science experiment! It smelled so horrible I had to set the bag outside the apartment door...

So from my heart to yours-- ALWAYS THROW AWAY FOOD YOU WON'T EAT. Otherwise you'll always be thinking "What is that odd smell? Where is it coming from?" Because it's coming from the potatoes in the bottom drawer!!!


  1. When I was your roommate, I didn't notice that you slept with you mouth open. But that could be because I was too busy trying to hold your hand.
    Good life lesson! Are you going to someday put your list of Life Lessons on your blog? Cause those would be handy for the world to know!

  2. By the way, I like your blog. You should update regularly. Glimpses into the life of Anna are LEGENDARY!

  3. Oooh... I suppose I could because they are saved on my computer. I also have a "hot list" of movie actors to share...

    And I'm glad you never noticed because I'm always mortified by the idea of someone seeing me sleeping with my mouth hanging open.

  4. DO IT! I will critique your 'hot list' though. Just to warn you.

    What's going to happen when you get married?? Will you always sleep with your back to him?


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