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Selfish Me

Today's blogging inspiration comes from a spectacular place... MYSELF! And its subject is no less awesome-- it's going to be about me!

Now that I've lost most of the people who read this (Janna, Heather, and Stephen) I am going to keep chugging along and see this post all the way to the finish line. (And I have been running to prep for a 5K, so using running terms is part of everyday life)

Here are some of my personal quirks. Feel free to share yours with me-- or if you share some of these-- maybe I'm not that odd. Maybe.

1. It's impossible for me to finish a box of cereal. I always get to the bottom and get sick of it. Then I won't eat cereal for another month or so.
2. I never hang my clothes up after I try them on. I "hang" them on the end of my bed.
3. I hate the idea of going outside without some form of makeup on.
4. After I eat I have to put my dirty dishes up RIGHT away. Or else I get annoyed.
5. I hate commercials. Even if I plan to watch that station, I'll surf through the channels again just to avoid the commercials. Or I'll mute them.
6. When I get home and know I won't be leaving again I put on pajamas.
7. I whistle (a LOT). (According to my roommate)
8. I alphabetize my movies so that I can better spot stolen DVDs.
9. I hate writing with pencils.
10. I can hear the TV frequency and I always know when it's on from the other room. (Even if the volume is muted)
11. I HATE doing laundry. What a waste of life.
12. Because milk makes me feel ill, I'm convinced mine is always bad smelling and spoiled.
13. If you made me Rice Krispie Treats I'd probably eat the whole pan in 1 sitting.
14. I love reheated Mac & Cheese.
15. I like cold pizza better than warm pizza.
16. I find hairy guys to be disgusting. Remember this if you ever want to set me up on a blind date.
17. I have a brown thumb. That's right-- I am a plant murderer!
18. I love driving alone the best because I can sing super loud and not be embarrassed.

And I'm sure there is more... But I will stop here and let you catch your breath. After all, it's a lot to take in.


  1. I typed a comment. It didn't save. Boo.

    You can't shake me so easily!
    I'm proud to say that I knew most of these, or at least observed them.
    Apparently, I'm "Anna"-centered!
    (Get it?? Like self-centered, but Anna-centered?)

  2. I read it. But I'm too lazy to write a real comment. Sorry.

  3. i think you made me smell your milk every time you wanted to use some of it.
    i miss you annagirl


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