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Revenge of the Nerds

So last night I'm online, checking out Facebook, my email, and my blog. Much to my surprise my roommate informs me of her opinion of blogging. According to her, it's a very "nerdy" thing to do. And (here's the kicker) she puts it on the same level as playing online games (World of Warcraft, anyone?). At first I whole-heartedly objected. I am not a nerd! How could she even say that? This was coming from an accounting major who studies more than I ever care too and always goes to bed before me. Nerdy? Really?

This made me think-- is being nerdy really so bad? Sure, back in the days being a nerd was frowned upon. And there was that classic image of a gawky white guy, big glasses, braces, bad social skills, and horrible clothing... But nowadays our pop culture has made nerdy people into icons we will never forget. Plus, being a nerd might mean making millions of dollars (Bill Gates, hello!)

Upon further research-- here are my findings about nerds.

Miriam-Webster dictionary defines a "nerd" as: an unstylish, unattractive, or socially inept person; especially : one slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits.

Ouch to the first definition. I'd much rather think about nerds (especially if I am one) in regard to the 2nd definition.

So I made up a list of things I think ubber-nerdy people do.

Nerdy Actions
1. Watch, dress like, and quote fantasy or science fiction related shows, books, or movies (i.e.: Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, etc.)
2. Have social awkwardness (to an extreme)
3. Actually enjoy doing homework or solving impossible equations
4. Be physically awkward (aka: bad at sports or bodily coordination)
5. Have only friends that you’ve met online (and never in real life)
6. Play online gaming (all the time)
7. Might have trouble interacting with those of the opposite sex
8. Knowledgeable/Obsessive in one particular area

I know some of these are a little extreme-- but at this point I was trying to distance myself from this category. And then I thought, who are some famous nerds? Maybe being a nerd is cool? And came up with this:

Famous (but not necessarily real) nerds!
1. Bill Gates (The nerd that became the boss)
2. Steve Jobs (Rich and nerdy?)
3. Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook creator)
4. Mr. Spock (Do the sign with your hand!)
5. Napoleon Dynamite (“My lips hurt real bad…”)
6. Weird Al (White and Nerdy!!!)
7. George Lucas (Oh Star Wars)
8. Jamie and Adam from Mythbusters
9. Steve Urkel (“Did I do that?”)
10. All those guys from “The Big Bang Theory”
11. Garth Alger (Wayne’s World—party time!)
12. Al Gore (Did you really invent the internet?!?)
13. Rick Moranis (Honey, I shrunk the kids—priceless)
14. Michael Cera (come on—he just sounds like one)
15. Dwight Shrute (seems to know a lot… about everything random)
16. Bill Nye (you know you watched it!)
17. Screech (Saved by the Bell—he was the epitome of nerdness)
18. Albert Einstein
19. Ben Stein (“Clear eyes…”)
20. Hermoine Granger (she loved homework—for real?)

Hm... I guess not everyone on that list is horrible. Maybe. Which brought forth the question-- What kinds of nerds are there?
  • Computer nerd
  • Gamer nerd
  • Classic nerd
  • Media nerd
  • Science nerd
  • Music nerd

I would go into deeper definitions, but I fear boring you almost as much as I am beginning to bore myself (and I'm the author!) I'm sure you can figure out what skills these nerds possess-- after all, you are reading my blog-- which must make you nerdy!

And to end today's pondering on nerdiness, I compiled a list of the reasons I may be a nerd. I have yet to fully decide...

Nerdy things I do:
  1. Play Scrabble online with friends and family
  2. Read at least 2 books a month for fun
  3. Work on my Master's degree b/c I have nothing else to do
  4. Blog (?!?)
  5. Play games on Facebook (Farmville/Fishville)
  6. Listen to classical music on my iPod
  7. Wear a bike helmet when I bike
  8. Calculate how many calories I burned working out
  9. Watch Jeopardy so I can prove my brilliance to others
  10. Actually research "nerd" on the internet

Don't judge me.

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