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Monday Blahs

Now don't be a liar. I know you've felt it too. And if you didn't-- I really don't know what to think... Because I am 99% positive that at some point in their lives, EVERYONE wakes up with the Monday Blahs.

This is today's problem. I am going to solve this issue. Clear it away before it becomes an infectious disease that I spread to the world.

Upon further research, I discovered a PDF file dedicated to this sole purpose. Getting rid of your Monday Blahs. I shall share the ideas presented in said article:

1.On Fridays-- pat yourself on the back. (Now, don't you just feel like Rocky? A true champion?) Think about what you did to make a difference that week. (Well, I missed this boat-- since it's already Monday)
2. Write a "To Do" list for next Monday-Friday (yes, because I just love thinking about everything I have to do in the future... And-- oops-- I missed the boat on this one as well)
3. Stay present on Sundays-- don't dwell on the next day. (Missed it again-- drat!)
4. On Sundays take a "gratitude" walk (Not sure what this means-- but I picture someone walking along, pondering, glancing up into the sky, muttering under their breath, and generally looking INSANE)
5. On Monday set your alarm a little earlier (What?!?) and wake up early to focus on what kind of person you want to be today (probably a grumpy one because of the early time).

Ok-- so this article was chocked full of (crazy) ideas to help you be rid of Monday blahs. My only problem? Most of these things have to happen a few days before Monday. So what do you do when it IS Monday-- and you need some help? Here is MY advice. Not to be confused with the crazy psychobabble of the other author:

1. Drink at least 2 cups of coffee upon waking (or at least enough to give you a caffeine high). This will make you feel crazy hyper. Like you can conquer the world! Woooo! (I'm on cup 2, in case you haven't noticed)
2. Try doing a few situps or pushups. Now-- I know you're like "exercise?!? What?!?" Let me get down and try-- hold on-- Ok-- 10 pushup later. I am crazy lightheaded-- and a little out of breath (and, yes, those were girly pushups). But I feel a little better about Monday. A good way to handle anxiety and stress. And get the blood pumping. Try it.
3. Find a small task you can accomplish that morning. This will make you feel like a champ. Like, "Today I will brush my teeth. Because I am awesome." And then-- DO IT!!! You will totally win every time and start to feel major accomplished.
4. Read something stimulating online. A news article. My blog. Facebook status quotes. It will get your brain working. And you might learn something to pass on to others...
5. Put on some music and have a dance. I am not kidding. Here I go-- And-- done! Today's dance was brought to you by Madonna/Justin Timberlake and their song "4 Minutes". (Small confession-- I only made it halfway because I started getting coffee induced heart burn-- but some dancing is better than none!)
6. Check the weather. It may sound goofy-- but nothing ruins a perfect day like unexpected weather conditions (Example: Oh-- today I'll wear a skirt-- what? The wind is blowing 25 mph? And it's too late to change? Oh great-- what a bummer)
7. Find a mantra. Repeat to yourself. It could be as simple as, "Today is great. I love Monday." Mine is going to be from How I Met Your Mother, curtesy of Barney, "Whenver I feel sad I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story." A simple quote that makes you laugh or feel better about life will surely help get rid of the Monday Blahs.
8. Keep your eye on the prize. AKA: The next weekend (yay!)
9. Remember you are never alone with your Monday Blahs. Everyone feels it-- even those super chipper, crazy happy people that you want to punch in the face.
10. If all else fails-- call in sick and go back to bed. My whole life I've wanted to try this... Maybe someday...

Well, I hope my ideas helped-- or at least the ideas of that crazy lady. The first step is to try something. Don't just stand there complaining like a jerk-- because no one appreciates it. And we don't appreciate you spreading your "Blahs" to the world. True Story.


  1. Your ideas are so much better than the loonacy the other woman was spewing. A gratitude walk? The image you came up with is the same on that popped into my head when I read that... :)

    I've actually done some of these this morning. Although, I have to admit that my blahs are a daily thing, not just a Monday thing. I feel pretty purposless without a job. So unless I can make myself try, I can get beat down with the blahs. Coffee- check. Exercise- next on my list. Small task- I've got a little list of small tasks to accomplish before Stephen gets home at 230. I'm about halfway through, so check. Stimulating online reading -I've been checking the web this morning. Your blog is one of my favorite reads! So check. Put on music and dance- well I've had iTunes on for the last hour or so, and when I've been walking, it's been more of a jive than a plain walk, so I'm counting that as a check. Check the weather- check. Find a mantra- check! Mine is the Barney one (it ususally is. Did you stalk my convo with K and steal it? If so, this is part of why I love you. We just get each other. If not, I still love you, because we are so on the same wavelength!)Keep eye on the prize- Stephen coming home is the prize. Weekends have ceased to mean much. So check. Remember I'm not alone- I've got you and you know EXACTLY how I feel, so check! I can't really apply number 10. But I think 9 is a good start!
    I will be applying this tips to my morning routine. Because a happy Heather is an upper, not a bummer. You make me smile and your witty wisdom keeps my mood upper!

  2. Confession: sometimes I do dance around to music in the morning....and afternoon...and at night...even if it's not monday.

    I like to pretend I can dance! *sigh*

  3. Very funny post, Anna. Kudos. My only problem is that I don't have enough time to do all these things Monday morning. Maybe if I woke up earlier, but like you pointed out, that makes me grumpy.


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