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"Did you know that karaoke is Japanese for empty orchestra? Isn't that hauntingly beautiful?" Ted (How I Met Your Mother)

So, if you've read my bucket list (things I want to do before I kick the bucket) you know that singing karaoke is one of my lifelong dreams... What could be better than standing up in front of people, holding a microphone, and belting out lyrics to a wonderfully cheesy song?

Oh dream, when will you come true? But while I'm waiting for that opportune moment-- I decided I could at least make a list of songs I could sing for karaoke... So here we go-- and suggestions are requested-- cause I know there is a lot more out there!

(Keep in mind, some of these are duets because I plan on singing with Heather-- my song soulmate)

1. Endless Love
2. Come What May
3. Total Eclipse of the Heart
4. Any song from "Grease"
5. Baby, it's Cold Outside
6. A Whole New World (or any Disney song)
7. Almost Paradise (From Footloose)
8. When I Fall in Love
9. Bohemian Rhapsody
10. Livin' On a Prayer
11. Wanna Be (Spice Girls)
12. Any great boy band classic ('Nsync, Backstreet, etc)
13. Killing Me Softly
14. Don't Stop Believing
15. You're So Vain
16. You Give Love a Bad Name
17. Son of a Preacher Man
18. Any Pat Benetar
19. Celine Dion (queen of cheese-- All by Myself-- for example)

And this list is only the beginning... What's on your karaoke list to sing?


  1. What do you mean "some"? We could rock a duet on ANY of these choices! And I think we should.
    COME TO WACO AGAIN! Scruffy Murphy's seems to be open for business again. That's right, Irish pub/karaoke bar!!
    I would suggst other tune ideas, but you seem to have your bases covered. I might suggest some 'Holding Out for a Hero' or maybe some old school Destiny's Child. I like to rock a 'Let's Hear it for the Boy' or maybe some Kelly Clarkson
    We could TOTALLY come up with a full karaoke show like Miss Patty and Babette do in the 7th season of Gilmore Girls! I bet we could get Em to join us on some 'group' type songs, but I don't know if we could get Kristin and Janna in on this action...

  2. I would totally join in!... even though I don't have the greatest voice. I can't help but sing along, even when half asleep in the car. Just ask Anna.

    P.S. Ahem..ahem I think that "Come What May" was one of our original duets from freshman year Anna..I claim that one. Also, you forgot the phantom of the Opera song where we both shriek unbearably high notes at the end...but we might not want to subject innocent passersby to that kind of torture!

  3. Everything I say seems to post twice or not at all!...I'm confused :(

  4. Maybe you should have a karaoke party with friends. You know, like when Jim has the party at his house with people from the office except he doesn't invite Michael but then Michael shows up anyway and they karaoke together? Then you guys could karaoke to your heart's content.


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