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Every Day

You know that saying, "You learn something new every day"?

I bet it's true. If you sit and think about it-- I bet you learned something new today. Oh sure, it might not be interesting or something you'll need to hold on to forever-- but it was something new.

And if you haven't learned anything today-- I will share and maybe you can learn alongside me...

1. A bike that was made in the 1980's will never go as fast as a newbie bike (made in the 2000's). But since it was free, you have to ride it anyway.
2. If you are a single lady living in a large house-- you should always keep your windows/doors locked. Thank you, Criminal Minds, for drawing this to my attention. Because I wasn't already scared enough at the idea of living alone.
3. Your Dell computer will always break or misfire after its warranty expires. Boo.
4. If you eat cereal for dinner you will always get really hungry later on. So what was the point of saving calories by eating cereal when you are just going to chow down anyway (which is worse for you in the long run).

And here are lessons I learned today from my roommate:

1. Cooking on the stove top can be hazardous. So can baking in the oven.
2. Paper towels easily light on fire from a hot burner, even if there is no open flame...
3. Water always puts out fire.

Learn anything new today?


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. You guys are still burning things on the stove top? I thought you would have learned by now...THE STOVE IS FOR POTS AND PANS, not paper towels, bags of cereal, plastic plates, pot holders, etc.

    please don't die in a fire...I would be inconsolable! :(

  3. Water doesn't do well against a grease fire. That's important to remember.

  4. Stephen, sounds like you have experience in this department...

  5. No, not personal experience. But a person has to be very safety-conscious when living with Heather.


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