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Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, I have decided to post some quality videos I found online.

Video #1-- "The Renewed Mind Is the Key"
DISCLAIMER: Before watching this video-- you need to prepare yourself. I spent the first full minute of this video slack-jawed. Literally. I am not pulling your leg. I was completely embarrassed for these people. And then I thought, "Oh I just can't take it anymore!" So, like any normal person, I skipped forward and almost missed the best part. You don't have to watch the whole thing-- but PLEASE watch the quality dance moves @ 2:00 minutes. This is when my slack-jaw turned into uproarious laughter. I literally had tears in my eyes. Oh goodness.

Video #2-- "Christian Side Hug"
DISCLAIMER: You will never view hugs the same way again!!! It's all about the 'side hug' these days-- so don't be throwing your trashy front hugs at people and giving them temptation!!! Preach it, brothers! I'm sure our future generation will take this video to heart. So if you see front hugs-- it's your responsibility to put a stop to it!

Video #3 "Total Eclipse of the Heart-- Literal Video"
DISCLAIMER: I am warning you, this is hilarious. You will return to watch it again... and again... and maybe even once more for good measure. And then you will find yourself singing literal words instead of the original. Hilarious. And I love it!

That is all for today-- enjoy these "quality" videos-- and remember it's important we pollute the Earth with pointless music videos instead of actual garbage.


  1. Oh gee Anna! These make me laugh so much. Total Eclipse is still my favorite, and we watched it again because it is just SOOOO funny.
    But I did enjoy The Renewed Mind is the Key... That guy should totally go on So You Think You Can Dance, cause he thinks he can and he can't! The Christian Side Hug thing was dunny too.
    I am so glad that we are friends so that you can share all of these high-quality videos with me. And the rest of the world through your blog.
    Also, watched the video you sent on FB. Oh Andy Samburg and T-Pain... Too funny.

  2. I will never front-hug again. Except Heather, cause the married "rapper" said that was okay.

  3. i was so creeped out by the side hug song/rap/whatever it was


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