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Ah-- Nature!!!

Now, I think I can already guess what you are thinking... Anna hates nature! It's true, but to a certain extent I love nature. The ocean. Beautiful trees. Blooming flowers. Freshly cut grass. Baby animals.

But one thing I absolutely cannot stand are BUGS!

Today's post (unfortunately) comes from my real life experience.

So, I was at work for 4 hours... and I had a blog planned out. A topic, how I was going to discuss the topic in the blog, even photos!!! I was pretty darn excited. After work I got in my car and commuted the 20 minute drive home-- blasting my music and enjoying the air conditioning on this *ahem* hot day.

I arrived home and sat down to begin work on said blog. I sat at the table and began to type. I noticed a few things:

1. Starbucks is giving away free coffee today (if you bring your own mug)
2. Chick-fil-A is having food sales as well (for Tax week)
3. Something was tickling my neck.

I brushed at my hair (which is usually the culprit) and this is when the excitement started. Whatever had been in my hair dropped down into my shirt (I was still wearing dress clothes from work). I didn't notice, of course, until it started moving around. At this point I was very puzzled. I looked into my shirt, and say a DISGUSTING black bug crawling on me!!!

These things happened in about 5 seconds:
1. I shook my shirt violently.
2. I stood up and might have said an unladylike work (Jesus forgave me)
3. I was convinced the bug went down my shirt into my pants.
4. My last actions made people living in a nudist colony very proud.

I still can't find the bug... I do, however, keep feeling it crawling on me! And I'm convinced there are more in my hair-- just waiting to ambush me! Gross! I am so glad I wasn't in a public setting-- I am not afraid to get naked in public to get away from bugs. Just saying.

Here is a bug photo... I think this guy and my bug are twins!!! Maybe...


  1. Oh Anna... we are so similar. The other day I was running my fingers through my hair after a trip to Wal-Mart, and it was super windy outside, and found a bug in my hair. I freaked out and made Stephen squish it into the carpet, because I had flung my head and the bug fell to the floor.
    Your post made me laugh aloud. And then I coughed. And laughed some more.

  2. i laughed too! you sound like me...only my problem are ladybugs.

  3. Eh, what's the big deal? They don't eat much. Funny story though.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.


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