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My Bucket List

 Dive in a shark cage
 See Conan O’Brian live
 Learn to surf
 Learn to ski
 Read all of Jane Austen’s novels
 Sing Karaoke
 Backpack Europe
 Take art lessons
 Take dance lessons
 Become fluent (or close to) in another language
 Get married
 Visit every state in the union
 Meet someone famous
 Write a book (or short story)
 Play in a casino
 Fly first class somewhere
 Kiss the Blarney Stone
 Take piano lessons (again)
 Try a tasty alcoholic drink
 Donate hair to Locks of Love
 Live overseas
 Make a “fancy” cake
 See Buble or Groban in concert!!!

The bold one is what has been completed thus far. My goal this year is to do 2 things off this list... I know 1 is happening for sure... Now to get to the other ones...


  1. There are at least 4 things on this list that, if you came to see me again, we could knock out in a weekend!
    And there are more things that, if we had the time and $$ we, we could knock out in a month or two!
    Maybe I'll share my bucket list on my blog, so we can compare!

  2. The 4 things Heather refers to are:
    1) Backpack Europe
    2) Become fluent in another language
    3) Get married
    4) Kiss the Blarney Stone


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