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My Bucket List

 Dive in a shark cage
 See Conan O’Brian live
 Learn to surf
 Learn to ski
 Read all of Jane Austen’s novels
 Sing Karaoke
 Backpack Europe
 Take art lessons
 Take dance lessons
 Become fluent (or close to) in another language
 Get married
 Visit every state in the union
 Meet someone famous
 Write a book (or short story)
 Play in a casino
 Fly first class somewhere
 Kiss the Blarney Stone
 Take piano lessons (again)
 Try a tasty alcoholic drink
 Donate hair to Locks of Love
 Live overseas
 Make a “fancy” cake
 See Buble or Groban in concert!!!

The bold one is what has been completed thus far. My goal this year is to do 2 things off this list... I know 1 is happening for sure... Now to get to the other ones...

Some Days...

Some days you just don't know what direction your life is headed.
Some days you just want to punch someone in the face.
Some days you just wait for the next day.
Some days you give up.

And some days you find something encouraging-- and even if nobody else needs to hear it (or in this case-- read it) you are going to post it anyway to encourage yourself.

"But I trust in You, Lord;
I say, 'You are my God.'
The course of my life is in Your power..."(Psalm 31:14-15a)

Some days it's hard to remember that you're not in control.
Some days it's hard to trust.
But then you realize, it's those days you need Him most.
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